People always say to me “it must be so fun owning a spa, I bet you get massages every day!”   This could not be further from the truth!  Relaxing in one of my own massage rooms is impossible for me, because I am always worried about the noise, the tempature, the music, the water fountain, and on and on and on.  So where does a spa owner go in Durango to relax?  One of my favorite places in town is Amaya on College.  I love a good soak in the redwood tub and the quietness of the place.  They have a sauna that helps me get out stored toxins that come from the Durango socialite lifestyle.  Amaya also has interesting body treatments to take advantage of.  If I have more time and it is a sunny day or a cool crisp night, I head out to Trimble Hot Springs.  I usually take a friend and we enjoy gabbing the night away in the soaking pools, or maybe catch the fire dancing show! The large grass area is great for sunbathing or star watching.  If I get really motivated I might even do a few laps in the big pool!  There are so many great places to relax right here in Durango!