What you should know about enjoying Durango virtually

With the COVID-19 crisis taking place throughout the country, Durango and La Plata County are under stay at home advisories from the state of Colorado. That being said, Visit Durango is providing a unique way to experience the Durango area from a distance: virtual experiences and tours from our partners.

Here’s your guide to experience Durango-virtually:

All kinds of virtual experiences and tours

With so many businesses and organizations throughout the Durango and La Plata County region, there are a large variety of experiences to enjoy. Everything from tours of the famous Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad Train’s station and museum to live-streamed musical performances and concerts.

Continue to visit our virtual experiences page to see what’s happening this week and next.

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Experiences are constantly happening each week

The partners of Visit Durango are continuing to post their virtual experiences and tours throughout the week -- giving you fresh opportunities and attractions each time you visit our site. Each week, our partners are coming up with unique ways to both entertain and inspire you to enjoy Durango from your couch and computer during COVID-19.

Check back each week to catch the latest virtual experiences.

View upcoming virtual experiences.

Both live and recorded experiences to fit your schedule

Depending on what virtual experiences and tours our partners are posting, they will be either live-streamed or recorded. Concerts and musical performances are most likely to be live-streamed and our partners will provide instructions on how to connect and view the live performances.

For virtual tours, they are most likely going to be pre-recorded. This is great for those who wish to experience Durango from a distance on their own time -- no matter the time of day.

Most experiences are free

The beauty of our virtual experiences and tours is that most are free to enjoy! Our partners want to provide unique ways to experience their business, organization, or event. They are making it as easy as possible for you to interact and enjoy their content.


Are you ready to experience Durango from a distance? 

Virtual experiences are a perfect way to learn more about Durango and it’s unique attractions, businesses, personalities, and events. New experiences and tours are being added throughout the week.

View upcoming virtual experiences.