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Durango’s Wildflower Season

24 May, 2016

Guest blog provided by Shaun Stanley at the Strater Hotel


Secrets are hard to keep, especially among locals. Quietly there is an explosion of colors set to begin in the coming weeks and months in the high alpine meadows and mountainsides surrounding Durango, Colorado. Thanks to late spring precipitation, this year’s wildflower season in Durango is shaping up to be the best in recent memory!

Peak viewing times of wildflowers around Durango vary with altitude. Lower altitudes come into bloom from late May through mid-June. The spectacular show of colors continues at higher elevations from late June through August. Nature lovers will find varieties such as Colorado Columbine, Larkspur, Monks Head, Indian Paintbrush, Alpine Phlox, Orchids, Glacier Lilies and Elephant's Head, just to name a few.

A multitude of easily accessible trails offer the day hiker opportunities to explore on their own. For the less adventurous or time conscious traveler, guided driving tours lead by knowledgable local guides are a great way to get to prime wildflower areas quickly.  Guided tours of spectacular La Plata Canyon minutes west of Durango takes visitors up Kennebec Peak, past numerous small waterfalls, a historic mining town and through abundant wildflowers, all in just 4 hours.

Hurry, as mother nature and Durango’s Wildflower Season wait for no man!


  • 1. chris 7 Jul, 2016

    hi, we will be coming to this beautiful State in September, arriving about the 16th or so. Do you know what the wildflowers will look like then? I can’t wait. smile

  • 2. Whitney Hagen 18 Jul, 2016

    Hey Chris, I’m no expert but I believe the wildflowers will mostly be gone by then. We still have lots of pretty scenery but the peak for the wildflowers will have passed.

  • 3. holly 17 Jan, 2017

    We will be visiting Durango late June/early July. Can you suggest a few hikes that would be good for wildflower viewing?

  • 4. Michael Greene 3 Jun, 2017

    Thanks for the info. I have a new 243 page book coming out on wildflower hikes & photography in the San Juan Mtns check it out on my website or me for more info

  • 5. sarah 8 Aug, 2018

    will there be any wildflowers at the end of august?

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