Taste of Durango.

Probably one of the most talked about and highly attended events of the entire summer season. As I've mentioned before, the Durango community loves any reason to celebrate and we love our outdoor festivals. If you just add in food it's a perfect trifecta of what makes Durango our own little oasis of fun. 

The Taste of Durango is extra special because we focus on the various types of cuisine that make up our beloved restaurants. Durango has a menagerie of different types of food to suit all types of eaters. I'm not that picky when it comes to trying new food so this was quite exciting for me. Also, because it was my first time attending, I wanted to know what all the hype was about.

I'll walk you through my day at the Taste of Durango.

I got up and decided to drag my roommate along. Her name is actually Annamarie but most of the time I refer to her as 'the roommate'. We got there around 12:30, which may have not been the best idea because the event started at 11 am and I'm pretty sure the entirety of Durango and then some were on Main Street eating and drinking. We park, I get a wristband so I can drink, and we start our trek down the street in search of food and goodies to fill our bellies. Now, as a disclaimer, my roommate and I are not the most decisive of people, and she has celiac disease so that makes actually making a decision on where to eat extremely difficult.

The Taste of Durango is when restaurants will debut part of their summer menus, so much of the cuisine is lighter and very fresh. Also you do not use cash at any of the stands, instead you purchase tokens for a dollar each and each item on the menu is a certain number of tokens. I decided to start out with $10. This proved to be just perfect for me so for future reference, budgeting about 10 dollars per person at the Taste of Durango is about right. The amount of food that I got for that amount was equivalent to a normal lunch you would purchase at a restaurant.

We walk the length of the festival about four times before we actually get anything. All the while we are bobbing and weaving through the crowds and lines and saying hi and catching up with any classmates or friends we see. I decided to get some sangria which I find to be very refreshing on two fronts. First for its actual taste and the second being that even though I am a Colorado girl born and raised, I do not share the same love of beer as does the rest of the state. So finding something that wasn't beer in a beer lover's paradise was lovely. We wandered around some more before I decided to get something substantial. Now I am all for trying new flavors and types of food so when I find what some might consider an obscure flavor, I like to try it out. The obscure food I tried next was a jalapeno fettuccini alfredo. Most food lovers might crinkle their nose at this flavor combo. I can handle spicy, but this hit the back of my throat with this smoky goodness and it was incredible. 

By the time we met up with my good friend, Carter, we only had an hour left to spend 5 more tokens before the festival was over. We were on the hunt for food. We decided to brave the line for Carvers Brewing Company. As we know, I don't really like beer but the Raspberry Wheat is one I actually enjoy. If you are in my boat and don't particularly enjoy strong beers, I would suggest this one for its sweet fruitiness.

Next up was the Yellow Carrot (for its gluten-free options). The roommate and I each got a basil-ginger limeade and a shepherds pie. We found a nice little side table and sat down to enjoy our treats. The shepherd's pie was a beef stew with mash potatoes on top and the basil ginger limeade is one of my all-time favorite liquids. It was very gingery which can be a turn off to some, but I feel that ginger is one of the most underrated flavors so I loved it. The roommate, however, does not share my love of ginger so she did not enjoy it as much. But both of us scarfed down the shepherd's pie. After that the weather was getting rainy and cold so we decided to head home.

Overall, the Taste of Durango was a great experience. It was extremely popular and there was more than just food and beverages to enjoy. Various musicians, dancers and a couple of mimes dotted the street so you were never without something to look at or listen to. The food and drinks were reasonably priced and I loved the variety of food that was available.  The only downfall was that I forgot to put on sunscreen and the tops of my shoulders and the back of my neck was sunburned. Other than that, I would highly recommend it if you ever have the chance to come on down and visit Durango during the Taste of Durango festival!

Here's a breakdown of what I bought:

3 tokens for Sangria

2 tokens for the jalapeno fettuccini alfredo

2 tokens for the basil ginger limeade 

3 tokens for the shepherd's pie

Did you like getting to come around with me and hear about what my experience was at the Taste of Durango? If you attended, tell me about your favorite part. 

As always, if you have any suggestions about things you would like to hear about or anything you would like to see let me know at juliavolzke@msn.com.

Have a lovely day and I'll see you next week on a new adventure!