I grew up in Minnesota, tapas weren’t part of our culinary “hotdish” vocabulary. Being a curious foodie, I have sampled tapas on various menus, however this evening I experienced tapas. Invited to Seasons Rotisserie and Grille with my favorite dinner companions (my children and their grandma) I was properly introduced to something that soothed my culinary passion:  Tapas.  Before rushing out the door, I logged on the internet for a brief introduction to tapas and was intrigued by the delightful promise of this small-portioned cuisine that also claimed to encourage conversation (I am a mother of teenagers, need I say more about conversation?). Seated at the intimate kitchen bar reserved for single seating tapas menu, our server Chloe enticed us with her description of fresh local radishes, harvested less than an hour ago, paired with smoked sea salt and anchovy butter. For a moment our budding conversation ceased as we sampled the crunchy, salty, buttery first course. I eavesdropped as the chefs chatted over the bar about the local lamb cuts and tempted us with a flat of plump ripe figs perched out of reach  behind the glass.  Next item was house pancetta wrapped fresh figs served with a slice of blue cheese and walnuts. Again silence as we savored each bite and pondered how to eat a whole sun-ripened fig that threatens to burst with juice at first bite?  The chefs chopped, sliced, and seared on their side of the kitchen bar and kept us entertained with their precise technique and casual conversation as if they were unaware of the bustling restaurant.. Local Foxfire lamb tartare, topped with Foxfire egg yolk and served house-made poppyseed crackers. I was in love with tapas and intrigued with the sensual descriptions as we received each course. Fried baby artichokes with spicy dipping sauce; James Ranch Andala and Belford cheese with Mondo Vecchio porcini salami and sopresata.  Our senses feasted on each dish and we laughed and chatted about things from grades to politics to lost loves. More than a sampling of hand-sized cuisine, my first true tapas experience at Seasons was a satisfying culinary pageant of exquisitely prepared, fresh local cuisine, filling as a meal and at the heart of good conversation. At the moment it’s a bit of a secret, however now that you are in-the-know you can make a reservation to enjoy Season’s tapas.