May marks the start of my third summer living in Durango and as a proudly self-proclaimed local, I am perpetually inspired by the uniqueness of this little town. After moving numerous times and having the good fortune to experience many different places, I can say without a doubt that Durango is one of the most enjoyable, adventurous, and memorable gems I have ever discovered.

The town not only boasts breathtaking geography– such as its stunning mountain views and beautiful Animas River – but the collection of shops and the people that run them are also one of the many aspects that makes Durango a one-of-a-kind treasure.

A must-see stop for anyone seeking to experience true Durango culture is Durango Antique Market on 780A Main Avenue. Durango Antique Market is a building filled two stories high with eclectic finds and intriguing knickknacks. The wide array of vintage and antique items sold at this store also tell a story and create a picture of Durango life. From Western memorabilia and costumes to furniture and gemstones, this spacious store reflects the past of Durango’s people.


If you’re the adventurous type but hate spending exorbitant amounts of money for your gear, you should head on over to Durango Outdoor Exchange to score some fantastic bargains. This consignment shop, located at 546 E College Drive, has everything you could need to take on the outdoors. From climbing gear to bikes, tents to sleeping bags, and hiking boots to winter coats, this shop is the perfect one-stop spot for any explorer on a budget – and the best part is that all the items are brought in by locals!


Anyone looking for interesting gifts or beautiful home décor will find that Animas Trading Company is the best place to explore. A few blocks away from Durango Antique Market on 1015 Main Avenue, Animas Trading Company is another two-story menagerie of bohemian eccentricities and the perfect place for finding unforgettable Durango souvenirs. The atmosphere of this store is truly “Durango” because of its interesting nature and commitment to the locals.


As the summer begins I am excited and ready to continue exploring this wonderful town, hoping to find more treasures such as these shops. The devotion of these stores specifically to the people of Durango is what makes them special and their individual charms add to the uniqueness of this magnificent town!