It isn’t a harvest moon over Durango—last night it was a crisp crescent wedge in a star-lit night reflecting in the Animas River. It reminded me of summer harvest,  late-night, carefree  dinners and a Caprese Salad. I had a plan— Guido’s for fresh mozzarella and my favorite fresh olives. Saturday was Farmer’s Market and there would be plenty of basil and vine-ripened heirloom tomatoes. I had delightful Queens Creek olive oil and balsamic vinegar from the Christmas bazaar (soon sold at Bella on Main Avenue).  Bread has baguettes to delight a Boulanger. I found a summer wine at the Wine Merchant that we had sipped in France—La Vielle Ferme.  Tomorrow I would call Elizabeth to join me on my patio for this summer treat. I woke refreshed. My lab Flower was eager for a hike on the Hogsback. Coffee first. We hiked to the highest point. The scent of wild sage snaps me to attention. Then I spotted it—The Farmer’s Market.  My plan was foiled. It closed at noon and I couldn’t make it in time. I was rewarded on hike down with wild apricots growing on the hillside near Manna Kitchen. They were tiny and fragrant like other fruits grown at high altitude—packed with intense flavor.  I would wait until Wednesday for the market and local epicurean favorites.  I arrived home….and made reservations….at Guido’s… for Caprese Salad and a glass of summer wine.