Hey traveling people! You’ve somehow landed on Durango.org’s blog and my guess is that you’re thinking about visiting our amazing little Colorado corner. We are working on getting really great “insider tips” into the blog to inform you, should-be visitors, of all the can’t-miss events, stops and eats! That being said, we have some other really great tools built into our website that I wanted you to know about before you continue your investigation!


Here are the best 5 features of our new website, Durango.org

#1 - Live chat:

This is a box that will invade your screen from the moment you enter our site (unless you click the “X” that only appears when you hover over the chat bubble). This is not meant to annoy or distract you, we put it in this dominant space for a reason! We have real, live visitor hosts manning the chat, during our business hours, every day of the week. These hosts are simultaneously answering questions for our walk-in guests. It’s pretty impressive to watch the amount of help and insight these ladies pour out every day, virtually and in person! These are the same friendly voices answering the phone (970-247-3500) when you call with questions.

Feel free to send them a note at any time during your surfing session on Durango.org!


#2 - Itinerary Builder:

While you’re poking around our site you will see a button that looks like a plus sign that says “My Itinerary” next to different things. Click that button to start building your Durango Itinerary. You can add restaurants, stores, events and businesses to your itinerary.  You can easily save your itinerary by making an account. That way you can come back to polish off your bucket list or email it to your friends to invite them.

Durango has events and festivals going on all year! Some of them are geared to entertain locals but would be just as entertaining for visitors to attend. If you see an event you’re curious about, chat with the visitor hosts to get more details and add it to your itinerary!

You can easily review your itinerary by clicking the link at the top of the page that says “My Itinerary.”


#3 - Event Calendar:

We work really hard to get a comprehensive list of local happenings into our event calendar.  You can easily sort by what kind of events you’re interested in (Family, Free, Theater) and add them to your itinerary.


#4 - Image Gallery:

If you want to get a feel for what the community looks like and the things they enjoy, take a look at our photo gallery (can be accessed by clicking a link at the top of the page “Gallery”). Here you will find beautiful photography of our town and surrounding areas. Within the gallery you can access our Social Media Gallery by clicking the circle that says “View Social Media Galleries”. This will give you a good idea of what people are saying about us and what they find interesting about Durango!


#5 - Tour App:

Now this is not directly on our website but it is related to the portals and wires and internets so I wanted you to be aware of it.  You can visit the app store to download our app, TourDurango, to help you navigate while you’re visiting. We are very excited to have included our first event in the app, The Iron Horse Bicycle Classic. If you will be in town Memorial Day weekend for the famous Train vs. Bike race, be sure to download the app! You can find the Iron Horse tour in the “Other” section.