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6 Reasons to drive the Million Dollar Highway Before you Die

The Million Dollar Highway is a charming name for a gnarly road that offers the best scenery in our gorgeous state (that’s a big claim but we can back it up). This is a stretch of guardrail-less highway on the San Juan Skyway between Silverton, Colorado and Ouray, Colorado. It seems the origins of…

Experience Durango: The Dandelion Festival

Hello again! So I thought it might be fun to switch up our usual "how-to-guide" and instead take you along to an event in order to give you a taste of what Durango is really like. My First Experience at the Dandelion Festival! The Dandelion Festival is the event that kicks off the summer…

The Locals Guide to Durango

Hello Durango Visitor! Here is what you need to do to actually get to know Durango. This blog is going to be all about how to really get to know Durango and experience some things off the beaten path. There is a ton to do here in Durango but often times we get caught up in the touristy things to do…

Summertime Adventures in Durango, Colorado

Full access to recreation and summer adventures Durango, CO – Durango is fortunate that our summer activities, travel and tourism businesses have not been affected by wildfires. It’s business as usual in the scenic Colorado mountain town. Durango offers cooler temperatures and plenty of water…

Seasons Tapas Secret

I grew up in Minnesota, tapas weren’t part of our culinary “hotdish” vocabulary. Being a curious foodie, I have sampled tapas on various menus, however this evening I experienced tapas. Invited to Seasons Rotisserie and Grille with my favorite dinner companions (my children and their grandma) I was…

Art With Purpose

Art for the pure enjoyment of art is often why a person purchases a particular piece from Sorrel Sky Gallery. Then there are times when art serves a specific purpose. The oil paintings of local artist Sharon Abshagen transport the viewer away to the mountains and valleys, rivers and Aspen groves of…