Forest Therapy Walks
A scenic and informative hike/walk in the pristine wilderness and learning about the benefits of spending time in nature.

Forest Therapy Walks

Phone: 928-451-1177

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8am to 6pm daily

Join me for a private small group walk in a pristine wilderness setting for this Forest Therapy experience.  I have led groups on these rewarding walks around the world for 28 years.  Based on the popular Japanese principles of Shinrin-yoku (Forest Bathing), you will the basics of immersion of your senses in the forest environment.  Studies have shown wonderful benefits for body, mind and spirit in spending time in nature.  In our busy modern world we have lost touch with what is truly our “real home”.  It’s a practice you can take home to improve the quality of your life.

Robert Kirk Fliegel is author of the nature guidebook Fear Not The Forest and an international wilderness guide since 1993.




TOUR COST:    $145 Per Person

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I pick you up at any lodging location in Durango.  Pickup is 8:30 am with return at approximately 1:30 pm.

Phone: 928-451-1177

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