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We envision a community where art is expected.

Durango Public Art

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Durango's collection of public art is accessible 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

Public art contributes to a city’s visual character, texture, and history.  In Durango, it is an essential part of our identity, history, and cultural heritage.  Public art contributes to our economic base and enhances the public appreciation of art.  Incorporating visual art into our communal spaces fosters our sense of community and challenges us to engage in a meaningful way.  We invite you to experience Durango’s Public Art.


  • 34 pieces exist within the permanent collection
  • $1.2 million estimated value
  • 23 pieces / 68% of the collection have been donated to the City by patrons, artists and corporate sponsors.
  • Artwork is displayed around Durango on city-owned property, inside city-owned facilities (library, police dept., city hall, transit center), or in designated public areas.
  • Art-on-Loan is a program of the city's PAC that features sculptures in a biannually rotating exhibit along the Animas River Trail and various locations around town. Artwork is offered for sale by the artist while on display.
  • Since 2010, 9 art-on-loan pieces (7 adult / 2 youth pieces) have been installed along the Animas River Trail and behind the Main Library.

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City of Durango

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Phone: (970) 375-5002

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