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Fully supported Four Corners wilderness adventures! Come join the fun! Canyons, mountains, ancestors, and miners.

Peaks & Canyons Wilderness Trekking, LLC

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PCWT delivers first-rate, unique, customized, and fully supported wilderness treks within the Four Corners region of UT, AZ, NM, and CO. We have the permits, we provide the shuttle, and we are certified Wilderness First Responders with years of outdoor leadership. Let us guide you through some of Earth’s most beautiful land right here the Four Corners. Contact us to schedule your adventure! You get our knowledge of and love for southwest wilderness as it has developed from the Wilderness Act and indigenous Ancient Culture.  We have devoted our collegiate careers to environmental studies. Moreover, we bring great gear for your comfort, delicious hot food with specific needs catered, and a personal experience derived from our high support to client ratio.

With Peaks and Canyons we enjoy customized single to multi-day fully supported wilderness treks through some of the most beautiful places in the Four Corners region while emphasizing Leave No Trace principles and Ethical Backcountry Archaeology guidelines. From ancient geomorphology to current topography we see how this majestic land has become home to diverse forms of life - including humans. Ancient cultures have been shaped by changing environmental conditions over the millennia, and as part of our voyage we pause to inquire about the existence of bygone indigenous people in one of the most unique places in the world, the Colorado Mesa. With about 10,000 feet of elevation range from canyon floor to mountain peak we are able to walk amongst specialized flora and fauna that have found their niches in a vastly varied landscape while respectfully examining artifacts of those who lived here before us. Peaks & Canyons Wilderness Trekking does more than take you on a hike; we bring you through an immersive adventure fully supported where your imagination is inspired by an enchanting wilderness truly like none other. With you we create cherished memories to last a lifetime.

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Phone: (970) 318-0195

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