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Experience the healing powers of our mineral-rich, naturally-heated waters! At Trimble Hot Springs, we have two therapy pools, with temperatures varying from 100-110 degrees. Temperatures are controlled by the volume of water pumped in, and are clarified by ozonation and sand filters. No chemicals are added to the therapy pools. Trimble Hot Springs also has a 250,000 gallon Olympic pool, heated to about 80-82 degrees. 

Mineral water has long been thought of as healthy to bathe in, and naturally occurring hot springs like Trimble’s have been used literally for millennia for their therapeutic effects. Most people who visit Trimble enjoy the big, naturally heated pools where they can stretch out and relax. The warm temperatures are great for relaxing muscles and for generating an overall feeling of well-being … right down to the marrow! Plus, experience a relaxing, rejuvenating experience at our Trimble Spa as well.

Soak away your cares and experience true relaxation at Trimble Hot Springs! 

For those looking for lodging, our comfortable, clean and convenient overnight units are affordable alternatives to hotels and motels. Pool access is included in your reservation! Durango Colorado Lodging at its Best!

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