Artist Workshop - "No Fear Oil Painting!" with Lyn Boyer

Artist Workshop - “No Fear Oil Painting!” with Lyn Boyer
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“Painting tunes the senses and the soul.” - Lyn Boyer

Learn 3 keys in 3 days to unlocking expression and start painting without fear! Day 1: Discover the beauty in your brushes by choosing your tools and controlling them masterfully, bringing new energy to your paintings through creative brush handling. Day 2: See color and paint color by unraveling the world of color and light, properties of pigments and pigment choices, while using both a limited and expanded palette. Foolproof color mixing and the nuances of grays will also be covered. Day 3: Master edges as the final touch by understanding the painting surface and paint application necessary for a higher skill level of edge control. Identify the how, when and where of edges, using them artfully to bring that final sense of freedom and nuance to your paintings. This class is for intermediate to advanced. Special local pricing - $375


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