Future Forest Changes and Challenges

Future Forest Changes and Challenges
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As we begin the water year with below-average precipitation and above-average temperatures, community concerns around forest health are growing, and land managers may be faced with significant challenges including wildfire, prescribed fire, insect infestation, diminished water quality and smoke. To address community concerns, foster understanding, and promote innovative collaboration between local land managers, MSI and partners will offer a three-part learning series. Over three nights, we will cover local forest health, current conditions and the local managers who address them, and the changes that will shape our future forests.

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Discussion Topics

March 21:  Forest Health 101: Forests, Fire, and Smoke

The series will kick off with a presentation and short film on the foundational concepts and ecology of forest health in Southwest Colorado. With an introduction to key terms and players in hand, a visiting expert will delve into her research on the science, impacts, and management of smoke.

Dr. Julie Korb, Biology Professor, Fort Lewis College
Dr. Kelley Barsanti, Chemical and Environmental Engineering Professor, UC Riverside


April 4: The Who’s Who of Forests and Fire

This second night will focus on the current conditions of our forests, from drought to insect infestation, and how they impact the risk of fire. This assessment of current conditions will lead to a broader dialogue about fire on the landscape, both prescribed and wild, from people making the decisions about how both should be handled.

Charlie Landsman, FireWise
Jimbo Buickerood, San Juan Citizens Alliance
Butch Knowlton, La Plata County Emergency Management
Kent Grant, Colorado State Forest Service
Matt Janowiak, San Juan National Forest


April 18: Future Forest Changes and Challenges

To close the series, we will direct the conversation to the future of our forests and the innovative ways we hope to adapt to known and unknown changes. We hope this panel will touch on new collaborative management strategies, shifting forest ecologies, and economic opportunities that may improve the future of our forests.

Kara Chadwick, San Juan National Forest
JR Ford, Forest Health Company
Jimbo Buickerood, San Juan Citizens Alliance
Jason Lawhon, The Nature Conservancy*
Dan West, Colorado National Forest Service*


Thank you to the supporters from the Colorado State Forest Service, FireWise, and Powerhouse Science Center, San Juan Citizens 

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