"Vision All Together" a performance art for video exhibition

“Vision All Together” a performance art for video exhibition
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Curated by Adam Forrester
January 6 – February 4, 2017

Opening Reception: Thursday, January 19 from 5-7pm

Vision All Together is an exhibition featuring the work of nine artists who utilize the moving image form to create works involving elements of performance. Curated specifically for the Durango Arts Center, the show features video works that examine topics such as regionalism, the self, chance, bloodlines, and the video system. These works represent a broad range of approaches including carefully constructed imagery, playful provocations, archival footage juxtaposed with digital animation and the use of the camera and monitor as an additional component to the performances depicted. The exhibition hinges upon notions of identity relating to oneself in the moving image form.

Participating Artists

Jil Guyon
William Lamson
Lilly McElroy
Jillian Mayer
Scott Rhea
Sarah Scadudto
Joshua Shorey
Stacey Sotosky

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