Lodgers Tax and Visit Durango

The City of Durango has a lodgers tax of 2%- a small tax that is added to hotel and accommodation bills- lodgers tax is paid for by the visitor. Lodgers tax generates a sum of wealth each year- approximately $1.1 million per year.

Visit Durango is under-funded and not able to compete effectively with other destinations that visitors are interested in traveling to. 

According to the Colorado Association of Destination Marketing Organizations (CADMO) 2019 Funding & Budget Report, the average lodgers tax in Colorado is 3.6%. Based on this data, Visit Durango supports a Lodgers Tax increase of 1.6%-3.8%, or roughly 3%.

There are a number of stakeholders involved in the planning and considerations of the proposed tax increase including DAHLA, Durango City Council and City Staff, Durango Creative District, and DACE/STEAM- all who would benefit from increased visitation.

Why You Should Support a Lodgers Tax Increase

An increased budget to Visit Durango would result in far more than "heads in beds." As we know, tourism is Durango's largest industry and supports 1/3 of the economy. Visitors account for 1/3 of City Sales Tax revenue. If visitation in Durango does not prosper, many of our favorite restaurants and retail shops along Main Ave will shutter. 

Every dollar invested into tourism will result in roughly $28 of economic impact. 

Visit Durango is No Longer Just a Destination Marketing Organization.

The organization has transitioned to a Destination Management & Marketing Organizations. In addition to marketing and advertising to visitors, Visit Durango is also a destination leader focused on community partnerships and stewardship of the destination. Visit Durango doesn't just bring visitors, they support the entire visitor experience and manage the impact that visitor has on the community.

From a high-level perspective, an increased budget for Visit Durango will result in economic development for Durango and better quality of life for residents.

How Can I help?

Visit Durango is in need of your support. Please support our cause by advocating on our benefit- because the benefits of increasing the lodgers tax benefit the City of Durango as a whole.

Please email our Executive Director, Rachel Brown, with your company's logo to voice your support.

To learn more about the benefits of increasing the lodgers tax, a detailed plan, and what the next steps are, please view the attached white paper.



The current supporters of increasing Durango's lodgers tax.