Mileage Chart

Road Trip to Durango, Colorado

Durango is located in Southwest Colorado, 20 miles north of the Colorado-New Mexico border, at the crossroads of US Highways 160 and 550. Following is a list of approximate distances and drive times to Durango from several cities and attractions. Don’t have time for a road trip? Fly into the Durango Airport instead!

Planning to drive to Durango in the winter months? We recommend you check out Durango weather and Colorado road conditions before and during your trip, and be prepared for Colorado’s often unpredictable weather. Check out more Durango travel tips and frequently asked questions!

Moab, UT: 165 miles; 3 hours
Taos, NM: 201 miles; 4 hours
Albuquerque, NM: 220 miles; 3.5 hours
Sante Fe, NM: 241 miles; 4 hours
Flagstaff, AZ: 316 miles; 6 hours
Colorado Springs, CO: 319 miles; 6 hours
Denver, CO: 342 miles; 6.5 hours
Salt Lake City, UT: 399 miles; 7 hours
Phoenix, AZ: 461 miles; 8 hours
Amarillo, TX: 504 miles; 9 hours
Las Vegas, NV: 542 miles; 9 hours

Regional Cities to Durango
Ignacio, CO: 24 miles; 33 minutes
Cortez, CO: 46 miles; 48 minutes
Silverton, CO: 48 miles; 1 hour
Ouray, CO: 71 miles; 2 hours
Telluride, CO: 118 miles; 2.5 hours
Attractions to Durango
Vallecito Lake: 22 miles; 30 minutes
Mesa Verde: 36 miles; 45 minutes
Four Corners: 84 miles; 1.5 hours
Chaco Canyon: 135 miles; 3 hours
Monument Valley: 197 miles; 4 hours
Grand Canyon: 325 miles; 6 hours