Sustainable Vacation Pledge

I pledge to commit to responsible and sustainable travel during my trip to Durango so that future generations have the same opportunity to enjoy Durango.

  • Reduce the carbon footprint of my travels by offsetting travel emissions from driving or flying.
  • Take public transportation, walk, or bike once I reach Durango.
  • Stay at locally-owned hotels, eat at locally-owned restaurants, and book your adventures with locally-owned tour operators to support the Durango community, businesses, residents, and workforce.
  • Eat vegetarian or vegan foods in my diet for at least two meals while in Durango.
  • Refuse single-use products like take-out containers and plastic bottled drinks.
  • Turn off the lights when you leave, and take shorter showers to conserve local water and energy resources to help keep Durango vibrant.
  • Support conservation of sensitive environments and native wildlife by paying attention to all signage along local trails. Stay on the trails, do not cut switchbacks, clean up after yourself and pets, avoid closed sections, do not disturb wildlife, leave no trace, leave what you find, and respect others on the trail. 
  • Participate in educational events, buy hand-crafted art, or attend a heritage festival to encourage local culture and traditional skills.
  • Volunteer with a local non-profit to leave Durango better than you found it. 

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