There is never a wrong time to treat yourself. That’s especially true in Durango, where you’ll find not only some of the sweetest views in the nation, but some of the finest dessert dishes to go along with them.

Pack your sweet tooth and make sure to leave room for seconds. These are some of our favorite reasons to indulge in Durango.

Stout Bacon Brownie | Steamworks Brewing Company

When a beer company comes out with their own spin on a classic, you better pay attention. If you love Steamworks Brewing Co’s Backside Stout Beer (and you should), you’ll drool over their dark and rich Stout Bacon Brownie. A perfect combination of creamy, dark chocolate topped with vanilla ice cream and smoky bacon, this bite is a must try.

Tempura Fried Cheesecake | Rice Monkey

Three of our all time favorite words: Tempura, fried, cheesecake. How could you go wrong? Rice Monkey perfects the tempura fry on all their main dishes, so it makes sense that this dessert keeps popping up in my dreams. It’s crispy and flaky on the outside and everything you want out of a cheesecake on the inside. Add the whipped cream, strawberry slices and raspberry sauce and no one will judge you for licking the plate.

Chocolate Whiskey Cake | Ore House

Sure, in some circles, whiskey alone is considered a dessert. But why wouldn’t you want to add the caramelized white chocolate, toasted pecans, organic vanilla bean ice cream and local honeyville honey bourbon caramel? If only one dish on this list can be classified as sinfully good, Ore House takes the cake by a landslide. Literally.

Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich | Cream Bean Berry

It seems so simple and yet, I feel as though I never lived until I tried an ice cream cookie sandwich from the Cream Bean. They make both the warm and crisp cookies and every ice cream flavor in house and it shows. There is just so much love in this simple dish that it’ll warm the soul, even through the inevitable brainfreeze.

Everest in a Blanket | Himalayan Kitchen

No restaurant on Main Avenue always smells as inviting as Himalayan Kitchen. It may be the spices and sauces of traditional nepalese dishes you’re smelling from the window, but it’s the dessert menu that holds the ultimate secret. The Mount Everest in A Blanket is almost indescribable. A delicate crepe drizzled with chocolate, sprinkled with syrup, filled with vanilla ice cream and served ice cold, this freezing dish is somehow both refreshing and indulgent at the same time. Make sure you order one for everybody, because you won’t want to share.

Apple, Caramel & Walnut Crepe | Michel’s Corner

Of Master Chef Michel’s twelve sweet crepes on the menu, it really is hard to choose the best. Frankly, it comes down to personal preference so I won’t argue if you believe the Grand Marnier or Dulce De Leche & Sea Salt Crepes tickles your fancy more. What I can attest to is a perfect harmony of both sweet and savory flavors in the apple, caramel & walnut crepe. As Guy Fieri would suggest, it’s a one way ticket to flavortown. 

Zubberfizz Root Beer Float | Cream Bean Berry

It doesn’t matter where you buy your bottle of Zubberfizz creamy root beer, but it is required that you sample a float made from Durango’s only craft soda company. Compared to the usual soda, Zuberfizz just makes everything better, sweeter, creamier, happier. We recommend you find yours at the Cream Bean Berry, where you can use their homemade vanilla bean ice cream to complete the recipe.

16 Piece Truffle Box | Animas Chocolate Company

If it can be made from chocolate, you can find it in its best form at Animas Chocolate Company. For those of us who work close to Main Avenue, this storefront is dangerous to pass by, especially during one of their live roasting events hosted by Desert Sun Coffee when everything smells like heaven.

The best way to sample all that Animas Chocolate has to offer is to customize your own truffle box of 5, 9 or 16 pieces. They come in a variety of flavors from mint to coffee to salted caramel and even absinthe. Of the truffles, a #1 favorite is the Colorado Cache, a whiskey caramel truffle made with Durango’s own Honeyville honey and Honeyhouse Distilleries Honey Whiskey. The little devil won a bronze medal at the international chocolate awards so it’s almost a crime to not come check it out.

Baklava with Turkish Coffee | Cairo Cafe

Who knew that the all time best baklava could be found in the middle of Durango? Cairo Cafe has perfected this middle eastern treat, which pairs well with just about everything else on their menu, especially the turkish coffee. Extra flaky, syrupy and warm, a single bite will transport you to a faraway land.

Irish Coffee | Steaming Bean

What a time to be alive when a coffee shop not only doubles as a bar, but also resides under Durango’s favorite irish pub. Chances are you’ve probably tasted the classic irish cocktail of hot coffee, irish whiskey, sugar and cream, but if you’ve ever had it properly, I can’t be sure. Start your day with a proper treat or make it a nightcap. We won’t judge.

Sow your Oats Cookie | Bread

Every cyclist’s favorite bakery also makes the all-time best oatmeal cookies. The little carb nugget of sweetness has, on a number of occasions, been referred to as “life changing.” You’ll have to be the judge of that one, but we have confidence you’ll agree.

Mix Candy Bag |  Fuzziwig’s Candy Factory

Fuzziwig’s is every new parent’s worst nightmare or ultimate dream, depending on how you look at it. A massive bag of candy probably doesn’t offer the effort or presentation of a michelin star restaurant, but the activity of exploring glass candy jars is satisfying and the selection is worth mentioning. It would make even Willy Wonky himself proud.

French Toast | College Drive Cafe

It would be wrong to not mention our favorite sweet style breakfast. For that, you’ll have to join the students at College Drive Cafe for an order of french toast. No bells, no whistles. Just the best thick sliced french bread dipped in batter, grilled to perfection and sprinkled with powdered sugar and cinnamon. It’s an extra bonus that two of these big boys costs only $4.

Crème Brûlée | Ken & Sue’s

Desserts are largely about personal preferences and taste, so it’s okay if we don’t agree on everything. However, when it comes to crème brûlée, there is absolutely a right and wrong answer. Ken & Sue’s offer everything that is good about a proper crème brûlée.  custard texture is heaven, the sugar is caramelized to perfection and the ratio of custard to caramelized sugar makes this the ultimate guilty pleasure.

Pastel Tres Leches | Cantera

Durango’s newest mexican restaurant came out swinging with a serious menu and dessert list. Since Cantera strives to serve elevated and authentic dishes from Mexico, it was hard to choose just one of their desserts to highlight. The Pastel Tres Leches however, is a perfect shareable sampler that represents well what the business is striving for. Like a delicate sponge, each bite of transformed cream and milk melts in your mouth. Simply, it’s mouthwatering. One last bite of Cantera’s Tres Leches serves as the best close to what was already guaranteed as a great meal.

Hot Chocolate | Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad

If you’re looking to pair your dessert with an experience, know that you will receive the best hot chocolate of your life aboard the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge train. There is something about sipping a creamy, gooey molten chocolate beverage as the remote regions of the San Juan National Forest chug by your window. Using two hands to warm your hands and nestling your face above the rising steam to keep warm, it’s a treasured moment you won’t forget.