Pledge to Enjoy Durango… Responsibly! 

Durango is home to some of the best cultural, historic and outdoor attractions in Colorado. With few crowds and little traffic, Durango is famous for its open spaces, breathtaking views, friendly locals, authentic culture, and old-world atmosphere. 

As residents, we love Durango and sharing our town with visitors. After all, many of us started out here as visitors ourselves! We share a vested interest in preserving the local food, local attractions, and authentic lifestyle that defines Durango.

How Can You Help?


Follow these simple steps during your visit and enter your info below.

You will be rewarded for doing your part to keep Durango special AND you will also be entered to win a Durango dream vacation! We will randomly select one winner twice annually -- on January 1st and June 1st, so you’ve got two chances to win.

  1. Wear a Face Covering in Public - In times of COVID-19, help protect our community by following good health practices.
  2. Practice Social Distancing - Keep about a ski’s length (6 feet) between yourself and others. 
  3. Keep it Clean - Wash your hands frequently with soap and water to prevent spreading germs.
  4. Know Before You Go - Learn about your destination before traveling to Durango or heading out in the mountains. 
  5. Leave No Trace - Stick to trails, dispose of waste properly, take only photographs, and respect wildlife.
  6. Be Careful with Fire - Always check and respect local fire restrictions in Colorado’s dry climate.
  7. Be Prepared - Be prepared for changing weather conditions and plan for the unexpected.  
  8. Be Considerate - Make the most of your trip by showing locals and other visitors plenty of kindness and respect.


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Want to pledge more support?

Donate to Durango Trails. Consider a Pledge of $1/hour for the time you spend mountain biking, hiking to epic peaks or wildflower meadows, fishing pristine rivers and waterways, or any of the other epic adventures you’ve just had.

Text WILD4DURANGO to 44321 to donate now and help keep our trails well maintained and looking beautiful. Thanks for doing your part to minimize impacts on our health, lands, and trails! 

Be a Responsible Traveler!


Visitors can make a difference.

Unmanaged tourism can diminish the quality of life for locals and create a negative experience for visitors. Help make Durango a better place for people to live and visit. Pledge to enjoy and leave Durango a little better than you found it.

Your good deeds could earn you a Durango dream vacation, including lodging, dining, and activities. 


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