Stay Healthy!

Regardless if it's your first time in Durango, Colorado, or your 10th time, the high-desert and mountain environment is a different animal altogether! When visiting Durango, you need to make sure you're being safe and listening to your body's needs.

Throughout this page, here are some simple ways to stay healthy and safe during your visit.

Stay Home If You're Sick

If you're sick, the last thing you want to do is risk your health by pushing your body or exposing others to your sickness. If you've just come down with something, stay home for at least 24 hours after your symptoms have disappeared before doing anything around the Durango community.

Drink Plenty of Fluids

Durango has a high elevation, which means that the air is thinner and you need more water just to stay hydrated - especially if you're active. That's why we need to make sure that we're staying hydrated. Whether it be water, juice, or sports drinks - you just have to drink plenty of fluids throughout the day! We recommend drinking at least one gallon of water per person, per day. Drink even when you're not thirsty!

If you don't want ice in your beverage but still want cold liquids, try using an insulated container with frozen fruit inside.

Eat Enough Salt

Although it may be counterintuitive, eating enough salt is essential during your visit to Durango. Hyponatremia is a real concern if you're active in Durango and staying to stay hydrated and affects everyone no matter your age, weight, or fitness. Make sure you're eating plenty of salty snacks when playing around Durango. Trail mix, nuts, nutrition bars, and even salting your water are all great resources to avoid the symptoms of Hyponatremia.

Stretch Before Hiking, Biking, or Exploring

Before you head out on your adventure make sure to stretch beforehand. Start with some gentle movements like toe touches or a few minutes of jumping jacks before progressing into more rigorous stretches that help prepare your muscles for activity such as lunges or calf raises. Just five minutes of stretching can prevent pulling a muscle and being bedridden the rest of your trip!

Stay Safe in the Water

While boating, paddleboarding, kayaking, rafting, swimming, or just playing in the water, be aware of the water's current, never swim alone, supervise children at all times, and wear a life jacket/personal floatation device (PDF)​ if you are not a strong swimmer.

Protect Your Skin from the Sun

Durango gets more than 300 days of sunshine and is a beautiful part of Durango's landscape. Protect yourself and others by using at least SPF 30 sunscreen whenever you are outside for more than 20 minutes. Supplement sunscreen by wearing light clothing, as the locals do! Reapply sunscreen every two hours!

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

We've all heard horror stories of someone falling off a cliff while taking a selfie! Make sure you're aware of your surroundings while out-and-about. That includes checking the ground for rocks and roots, being aware of your personal space (don't invade someone else's), looking up before you step off a curb, or reading the warning signs on steep trails. You never know what might be around the corner!

Be Aware of Allergies

Durango probably has different flora and fauna than your hometown! Be sure to have an emergency plan for those with allergies, just in case they're sensitive to the pollen from our pines.

Get a Good Night's Sleep

Be sure you get enough sleep every night so that you feel rested and refreshed during your trip. We recommend at least seven hours of sleep per night so you're staying 100% focused during your adventures!

Obey Durango's Traffic Rules

Durango is a very small town with big traffic (not to mention lots of tourist cars). Avoid any accidents by following the rules: stay on the right side of the road, signal when turning or changing lanes, and wear your seatbelt. Please make sure you are following Durango's speed limits- especially in areas with lots of other people, like Main Avenue.

Keep Your Friends and Family Updated

Lastly, keep your friends and family updated about your trip in Durango! Check in with them regularly and let them know how you are doing.

They'll appreciate the update and it will give your friends and family some peace of mind knowing that they can contact Durango authorities if needed, just in case something should happen to go wrong while you're there.

Stay Healthy During Your Visit!


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