Skin Care and Sun Safety

In Durango, CO

When you are outside enjoying the Durango lifestyle, you will likely be on some kind of outdoor adventure. Physical activity in this high and dry climate will lead to a lot of perspiration and long sun exposure. It is important to consider your skin and the damaging effects the environment may cause. 

Below we will help guide you through the basics of what types of climate to expect and how you can best take care of your skin during your trip to Durango.

High-Elevation = Higher Sunburn-Risk 

Durango sits at an elevation of 6,522 ft. which is why we are blessed with stunning mountain range views and amazing ski conditions in the winter. However, high elevation also means increased UV rays, lower oxygen levels, and dry air conditions. So, before heading out for an adventure, make sure to apply sunscreen, drink lots of water, and wear sun-protective clothing. Nothing ruins a day in the mountains quite like a sunburn. 

Applying Sunscreen Every 2 Hours

You ought to be applying sunscreen every two hours whenever having fun out in the sun, as well as just after swimming or any intense physical activities that had you sweating. 

In conjunction with sunscreen, physical coverage such as hats, sunglasses, long-sleeved tops and bottoms, and even hair/facial hair will also lend a tremendous amount of support when spending the day out in the sun.

The Importance of Skin Care in a Dry Climate

Mountain climates can dry out your skin much quicker than areas at sea level. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize and drink plenty of water! If you are not hydrating properly, your skin will suffer. This means not only drinking water during physical activities and meals but also during the downtime throughout your day. 


Don’t let the high-elevation and the corresponding climate cut your adventure short. Sunscreen, water, and shade are your friends - make sure you keep them top of mind during your visit to beautiful Durango.