Responsible Tourism

La Plata County is a place like no other, a land of abundance and opportunity—where residents and an estimated almost 1.3 million visitors per year alike can experience life at its best.

Visit Durango’s new goal: quality over quantity. We welcome visitors who not only stay in our hotels and spends money in our town but also have respect for our locals, our municipalities, and our environment. The visitors to Durango will not burden the area but will uplift it.

One of the ultimate goals of tourism is to increase the quality of life for residents of a destination. When Visit Durango brings in visitors, it boosts economic impact. When the Durango area economy thrives, the resident experience also thrives. But it is a delicate balance.

Visit Durango is committed to our Destination Management and Marketing Organization (DMMO) role.

Responsible Tourism is an approach to tourism that seeks to impact the societies and environments where tourism takes place positively. It is founded on social, economic, and environmental sustainability principles.

The goal of Responsible Tourism is to create a more sustainable and equitable industry, one that provides benefits to local communities and minimizes environmental impacts. This includes ensuring that tourism generates good jobs, supports local businesses, conserves natural resources, and improves social welfare.

To achieve these goals, Responsible Tourism advocates for practices such as investing in community-based projects and organizing training programs for residents.