Bike Safety Tips

Durango, Colorado is known as a biking town. You'll find over 300 miles of mountain biking and gravel trails in addition to the countless paved trails to bike on throughout the region.

Before you take to the streets on your bike, we recommend you take some of our advice and tips into consideration to keep you healthy and safe while biking around Durango.

General Biking Safety Tips

  • Always wear a helmet while riding your bike
  • When riding on trails at dusk, dawn, or night, use a strong white headlight and a red taillight, or red rear reflectors
  • Obey all regulatory signs and traffic lights- if you're biking on the road, you must follow the same rules of the road as if you were driving a car
  • Be defensive when biking by making eye contact with drivers and being alert to potential hazards including people, cars, and wildlife
  • Besides downtown Durango, you are allowed to ride on the sidewalk
  • Ride on the right with the flow of traffic, not against it!
  • Don't text or be using your cell phone while biking
  • When leaving your bike in a public place, lock it up with a strong lock
  • Limit alcohol consumption while riding a bike- you can get a DUI in Durango while writing a bike; 0.08% is the legal limit!

Mountain Biking and Gravel Biking Safety Tips

  • Wear the correct riding gear and supplemental safety gear including gloves- ALWAYS wear a helmet!
  • Ride within your skill level or lower
  • Slow down on blind corners and announce your presence
  • Stay off of wet or muddy trails
  • Stay on established trails and don't cut switchbacks
  • Don't run over fragile landscapes including grasses, plants, and insect nests/hills
  • Please respect trail closures- don't ride on trails that are closed
  • Pack all trash out including human waste and food peelings

Road Biking Safety Tips

  • Ride single file with at least three feet between you and other riders
  • If possible, ride about a car door's width from parked cars
  • Use hand signals to signal to others when you turn