In a single word, the Durango experience is nourishing. Hiking the San Juan, rafting the Animas River, and allowing yourself time to unplug is rejuvenating for your mind, body, and soul.

Fueling your body and feeling good about what you eat is easy when you know where to turn. Nutrient-dense and locally made, these colorful plates bring flavor and creativity to a variety of traditional healthy dishes. From vegetarian and vegan options, to locally grown and raised soul food, these Durango restaurants take wellness to the next level.

Turtle Lake Refuge

With an ever-changing menu and unwavering philosophy on food and life, the Turtle Lake Refuge invites you to dine on only the freshest, most delicious meals made daily with love.

Unlike traditional restaurants, Turtle Lake approaches food a bit differently, serving a lunch on Tuesdays and Fridays made of local, wild, and living indredients. Every dish is vegan, except those made with local honey, and many of the ingredients are eitheer harvested or foraged for. With a suggested donation of $15 on its lunch price tag, this local ‘wild life’ cafe challenges what it means to feed the masses.

Bloom Cafe

“Hot or cold sandwiches, steaming soups, tantalizing to-go entrees and fresh baked treats” make up the rich menu at Bloom Cafe. The restaurant keeps it simple and sweet, coming up with ways to reimagine once simple menu. Sip from the juice bar or find more hearty choices like the house-made veggie burger, “amazing artichoke delight,” or kokopelli. Diligent with sourcing and equipped with their own cater-welcome food truck, Bloom Cafe is a happy lunch destination.

Living Tree Live Foods Salad Bar

With big windows and bright green walls, the Living Tree is a welcoming  escape right on Main Avenue. The eatery thrives on the principles laid out by Hippocrates: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food."

With a variety of signature salad bowls to go along with homemade kimchi and kombucha on tap, the Living Tree vibe is friendly, fun, and often educational. To accommodate the growing seasons, the menu changes throughout the year. During winter, you’ll find grain bowls and hot bone broth soup to keep your hearth warm.

Kassidy’s Kitchen

Bustling, comfy, and casual, Kassidy’s Kitchen is where you’ll find locals at breakfast time. With plenty of gluten free and vegetarian options, this homestyle eatery respects all kinds of food preferences. From the veggie skillet and veggie omelette to the entire list of gluten free hot sandwiches, Kassidy’s Kitchen reveals an indulgent side to eating right.

Cyprus Cafe

Homey and open, Cyprus Cafe brings new purpose to the farm-to-table movement. Serving only free range chicken, natural meats, sustainable seafood, and a variety of vegetarian options, this Meditteranean eatery has been featured in Bon Appetit, Sunset Magazine, and the New York Times for its diligent cooking. Many of the ingredients are pulled straight out of the owner’s Dance Ranch garden and greenhouse, making it as fresh as it is flavorful. Located in an old Victorian home on E. 2nd Avenue, the dining ambience is on par with every dish served.

The Durango Chef

While not a restaurant you can visit, the Durango Chef invites you to transform your own home into a private restaurant. Enjoy the company of your own private chef for the evening, whether you’re renting for vacation or living in Durango full time. Professed in a world of different cultures and cuisines, Chef Margie has been loving and creating stunning dishes for years. You can shop from a wide menu of breakfast, brunch, entrees, comfort foods, and more, or connect with Chef Margie directly to request exactly what you’re craving. 


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