If you are considering bringing your whole family (and by the whole family, we mean including your four-legged companion) for a quick trip outdoors, Durango is an excellent destination. Durango, Colorado is a true travel paradise for humans and dogs alike, hosting a wealth of dog-friendly spots from dog parks, eateries that embrace the presence of dogs, walking trails, and other fun areas where you and your pooch can create memorable moments.

Pack your quick trip essentials and get ready for an exciting day in Durango! Here are the best pet-friendly destinations in Durango:

Vallecito Lake

Located 18 miles east of Durango, Vallecito Lake is an exciting side trip to share with your furry pal who loves playing around water. It has blue skies, clear water, mountain streams, and a relaxing atmosphere; what more can you ask for? This lake is excellent for water sports such as boating, fishing, paddle boarding, camping, and a whole lot more. 

Durango Dog Park

Near the Animas River Trail is the Durango Dog Park, an off-leash dog park where your pooch can run and play freely (of course, with your supervision). This 5-acre dog heaven allows your four-legged companion to run around, sniff, swim in the river and meet furry friends. It’s a perfect place for you to meet friendly dog owners too!


After a tiring day outside, treat your dog to Grassburger, a casual eatery for humans and dogs to dine! Here, you and your pup can satisfy your burger cravings the healthy way. If you have a large pooch with you, there’s no need to worry! It offers lots of room in the outdoor patio for big dogs. 

If your dog is a picky eater, make sure to bring their dog food with you! Grassburger is located at 726 ½ Main Avenue, Durango, and is open daily from 11 am to 9 pm.

Animas River Trail

If you are in Downtown Durango, make sure to take a quick trip to the Animas River Trail, a paved walkway that stretches seven miles along the Animas River. The trail is relatively quiet and scenic, making it a perfect setting for you and your furry best friend to relax and unwind while staying active. 

The northernmost entrance is located at the junction of 32nd St. and East 3rd Ave., while the southernmost entrance is near the Durango Mall.

Dalla Mountain Park 

If you have an outdoorsy pet, then they’ll enjoy Dalla Mountain Park. This popular destination offers a massive area for activities such as biking and trail running. The trails are moderately challenging, so it’s best to prepare and train your pup before embarking on an adventure. Also, remember to “leave no trace” when traversing the wilderness. 

Dalla Mountain Park observes leash protocols, so make sure to have your pooch on a leash at all times. Make sure to also give dog treats from time to time, so your dog feels energized and happy to hike extra miles with you!


Dogs are part of our families too, which is why they also deserve a fun getaway outside. It can be challenging to find dog-friendly areas around your area, but lucky for you for stumbling upon this article! Now that you’re aware that Durango provides unlimited fun year-round to humans and dogs alike, it’s about time to prepare for an exciting trip outside. Make sure to visit any of the mentioned places to have a fun-filled and memorable getaway!