Durango is packed with interesting activities, including a variety of archaeological sites (and a World Heritage Site), music festivals, and an array of exciting sports (like skiing and fishing). 

If you’re here in the fall, it’s an excellent time to fish. Trout are out in full force, looking for food to see them through the winter. It’s just before spawning time, and fish are getting aggressive when it comes to food. 

And, of course, it’s beautiful! If you want a successful fishing trip, here are 4 tips to remember when fall fishing in Durango. 

Know What the Fish Are Eating 

Fall brings hatches of blue-winged olives. Others you can expect to catch well with include stonefly nymphs, midges, and baetis. The trout will go for all of these, so as long as you have a good assortment of flies you should be ready to reel some in. 

A technique that has shown promising results in fall is streamer fishing. Streamers imitate baitfish, and using these types of bait needs a slightly different tactic to other flies so that the fly truly looks like a small fish in the water. 

As the fish are slightly more aggressive, you should have good results with any of these choices as long as you present it well to the fish. 

Choose the Right Spot 

Typically, water levels drop in the fall. This means the fish are likely to be clustered closer together, which is a good thing for anglers aiming for a catch. 

The water isn’t quite cold enough in fall for the fish to be lethargic, which is why they’re getting excited about stocking up on food. But they’re also likely to move away from the shallows and gather in deeper areas for a bit more warmth. 

Here are some top fishing spots in Durango that we recommend. The fishing is always good! 

Wear the Right Gear 

Regardless of the water temperature, the weather is beginning to get cool in the fall. It’s important to consider safety when you’re heading out onto the water, and that starts with what you’re wearing. 

Here’s what we suggest when it comes to the gear you’re wearing

  • Wear light layers that you can stack up, rather than heavy, thick items. 

  • If you’re going to be wading into the water, invest in a quality pair of waders.

  • Choose base layers that are temperature-regulating. 

  • Wear darker colors; this will absorb heat from the sun! 

  • Keep hand warmers close by. 

Go With a Guide 

If you’re new to the area and not familiar with fall conditions, fishing with a guide could be an excellent idea. Here ar the guides we highly recommend: 


Fall fishing in Durango can be an exciting experience. You don’t get quite the same experience in other seasons! As long as you’re prepared for the hungry fish and kitted out to stay safe, you’re sure to have an amazing experience! 

Don’t forget to get your fishing license and check the state’s fishing regulations to make sure you’re doing everything the legal way.