When you need a long weekend of peace and quiet, Durango is always here. It’s time to stop the office daydreaming and make your mountain escape a reality. Find calm, cool weather, and hot springs away from the buzzing cell phones and inbox. 

What are you waiting for? These are our favorite luxury escapes in Durango.

A round of golf at the local green

In the still morning hours or warm afternoon sun, a round at the Hillcrest or Dalton Ranch club is a great way to give your mind a rest. Durango’s unique mountainous terrain makes for an engaging and challenging experience on the green.

Both Hillcrest and Dalton Ranch have onsite eateries, where you can take in the view and sip a cocktail after a game.

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A facial at the ‘Spaaah’ Shop

There is no better way to start your day than with a facial or massage at the Spaaah Shop. Take care of your muscles and skin with indulgent treatments, using seasonal ingredients and body-loving vitamins. With fall weather descending soon, the Spaaah shop’s pumpkin spice massage, sugared pumpkin pedicure, and pumpkin latte facial is back on the menu. Even if you’re looking for something more traditional, like a detoxifying steam session or deep tissue massage, the Spaaah shop is a beloved local retreat.

The relaxation doesn’t stop at the door. Conveniently located on historic Main Avenue, the Spaaah Shop is walking distance from a number of boutiques, bars, restaurants, and coffee shops.

A dip in the natural pools of Durango Hot Springs Resort and Spa

Durango Hot Springs Resort and Spa is a naturally heated spring surrounded by vibrant gardens and nestled in the heart of the Hermosa Valley. Rich in calcium bicarbonate, sodium, and iron, the pools support physical healing and rejuvenation. You’ll find two hot springs, sauna, and full spa.

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An out-of-body experience at Salt 360

Isolation tanks are dark, soundproof tanks filled with salt water. At Durango’s local float studio, Salt 360, visitors can reap the benefits of a fully sensory deprivation experience. Studies suggest tank treatment can help to relieve pain, reduce anxiety, and induce deep relaxation. Completely shut off from the world, you gain the ‘ultimate reset for your mind and body.’

A morning sunrise with a full mountain view 

Whether you stay in a cabin, hotel, campground, or vacation rental property, make a point to experience at least one Durango morning sunrise.

It doesn’t matter if you’re driving to the mountains, sipping coffee on the porch, or strolling through the quiet streets of Durango, just take one deep-breath moment to enjoy the sun as it creeps above the mountains. There is truly nothing more luxurious than first light on the beloved San Juan peaks.