Want to enjoy Durango's local food scene this Summer?

Durango and surrounding La Plata County prides itself on being heavily sustainable from local agriculture and much of our Food and Beverage industry being farm-to-table. You will find that our local farmers and grower’s products can be found all over the city, county, and state. Everything is made with our own small-town love. On top of our gorgeous Summer views, you can indulge your taste buds in all Durango has to offer.

Here's a simple four-day itinerary for you to enjoy the best local restaurants and bars this Summer:

Day 1

Almost all of our bakeries and coffee shops bake in-house with local resources. Start your morning at Bread for coffee and breakfast. Spend your day on the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad Brew Train. The train features local food and breweries to be sampled as the train takes you through the beautiful Animas Valley. For your evening, pick up a local bottle of Four Leaves wine and take it to The Boathouse at Electra Lake for a fabulous meal and view. If you are still up for fun and local tastes, head to The Bookcase & Barber for drinks and entry into this speakeasy.

Day 2

Durango Joes is a fast, local, delicious start to a  busy day. Take the 2.5-hour tour at James Ranch to learn more about local sustainability and taste their homegrown produce and raised beef and meat. Head back to town and enjoy dinner at The Red Snapper or one of our other award-winning restaurants. For more homemade goodness, spend the rest of your night at Durango Craft Spirits Distillery & Tasting Room sampling their liquors. 

Day 3 

Durango has multiple farmers markets going on throughout the week and weekend. Graze the market for fresh, local produce and crafts to begin your day. After a stroll by the river or a short hike in town, head to 11th St Station for lunch where you’ll find fresh, tasty options from local food trucks. Many of our local breweries not only have incredible beers to sample all afternoon, but outdoor seating to enjoy the fresh mountain air as well. To end your evening with a happy belly, head to Ken & Sue’s

Day 4 

Explore the rest of the county on your last day. Head to Vallecito Lake North of Bayfield. For dinner, Fur Trappers Steakhouse is the place to be! The rest of the day or afternoon can be spent at Bottom Shelf Brewery in Bayfield for drinks and live music most nights.