Why spend so many hours on the road?

The Durango-La Plata County Airport (Airport Code: DRO) has been reliably providing air service to Durango and the Four Corners region for over 60 years. Serving major hubs in Dallas, Denver, and Phoenix with daily nonstop flights, DRO helps you get where you need to go. Today, airport travel has its challenges. However, flying into DRO, it’s easy to rent a car and escape into the mountains for a much-needed getaway. With its close proximity to Durango and easy-to-navigate facilities, DRO makes it convenient and comfortable to get away. 

It’s no secret, these days people want to experience the Great Outdoors and its wide-open spaces. DRO is doing everything to provide that experience to travelers and make the mountains your haven.

DRO is Ready When You Are

Durango-LaPlata County Airport Aviation Director, Tony Vicari

Durango and all of La Plata County have worked hard to make our corner of the state safe for residents and visitors alike. As the nation confronts the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic, the health and safety of our community and passengers remain our top priorities. Summer and Fall adventure seekers are encouraged to take advantage of the easy access that DRO provides as you begin planning a much-needed getaway to find your escape. Durango is open for business, we’re keeping our city safe, and we invite you to enjoy the great outdoors with us!

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DRO is Open for Business

DRO has remained open throughout the pandemic with consistent daily service to all three of its traditional hub destinations. DRO has been busy making updates to its facilities, including renovated restrooms and re-striped parking lots, so that you can get in and out of the airport with comfort and ease.

Safety is the Number 1 Priority

Protecting employees, public health, and ensuring airport facilities are safe for passengers and aircraft are priority one. DRO adheres to the highest standards of cleanliness. We are committed to providing clean, hygienic, and safe facilities for all passengers and employees, including:

  • Following CDC guidelines for cleaning commercial facilities

  • Procuring additional hand sanitation equipment, sneeze guards, and other equipment necessary to provide the safest possible environment

  • Self-certifying as a critical business with San Juan Basin Public Health

  • Adding floor markings and reducing seating to promote social distancing 

  • Complying with statewide executive orders on face coverings — for employees and the public

  • Ensuring that our terminal facilities are safe and hygienic for employees and the public

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Let the Fun Begin Sooner by Flying Straight In

Imagine this: driving hours and hours with antsy children, spending tons of money on gas, adding miles to your commuter vehicle, dealing with how to pack all of the gear you might need and not end up using… OR, hopping on a plane, landing in the mountains, renting a car, and getting straight to the trailhead. Get quicker access to fun by flying straight into Durango and start your vacation off right!

Getting to Durango by air is a breeze! DRO is a full-service regional airport with daily nonstop flights from Denver International Airport (DEN), Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW), and Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX). United Airlines and American Airlines offer convenient connections from over 300 U.S. cities. 

The Durango-La Plata County Airport is located approximately 15 miles southeast of historic downtown Durango. and offers service from United Airlines and American Airlines. It’s easy to rent a car at the airport or take advantage of one of the many ground transportation options listed on the website, flydurango.com, and start your adventure!

Why fly instead of drive? Nonstop flights mean you are on the trails and in the mountains sooner, and with less hassle, than having to drive. Plus, the incredibly friendly staff at DRO makes flying a breezy, joyful experience. Any of the gate agents will not only help you get to your gate and onto your flight, but they’ll likely be genuinely interested about your time in Durango. That is something you can’t get anywhere else. 

Fly Local. Travel Confidently.

The folks at Durango-La Plata County Airport are ready for you. The facilities are clean, travel is safe, and the mountains are ready. Make the most of your trip by getting here faster to relax sooner. We’ll see you soon!

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