Coal Bank Pass Trail System

With all the trails scattered around Colorado, it can be confusing which one is the best or which system gets you the most. But part of the fun is hitting different trails in different systems and trying them out as you go. Each trail gives a chance to spread your wings a little more with a new experience and opportunity.

The Coal Bank Pass trail system is one of those convoluted Colorado trail systems that can be confusing in its complexity but worth it in the end. The trail system itself intersects and intermingles with two other nearby systems, the Molas Pass and Engineer Mountain trail systems. While this can be confusing, it leaves you, the prospective trail-goer, with plenty of opportunity to explore the mountains. 

The trail system consists of around 35 trails, most mountain bike and horse friendly, each ranging in difficulty and length, from difficult paths that can take all day to gentle walks through the wilds for a mile or two.

Some of the more popular trails lead to those picturesque scenic mountain lakes that people love to brag about visiting. The cool, snow-fed waters of Crater Lake and Little Molas Lake lie hidden in the trees and can be found through the Coal Bank Pass trail system.

Things to Do in the Coal Bank Pass Trail System


It's hard to find a better place to hike than the Coal Bank Pass trail system. With around 35 trails to choose from with varying difficulties, you can challenge yourself at whatever level of hike you choose. Set out to find fresh hikes and new trails to walk down.

Mountain Biking

Not every mountain trail is great for biking. Maybe there's a stretch that needs climbing or just has two many trees to really ride through. But the Coal Bank Pass trail system has 29 mountain bike-friendly trails out of 35 total, with miles of track to test out your mountain bike skills on.

Cross Country Skiing and Snowshoeing

Mountains tend to accumulate large amounts of snow as the winter passes each year and that gives the chance for the adventurous to head out for some fresh cross-country skiing or snowshoeing. 

With trails already blazed during the warmer months the snow tends to settle in distinct paths ideal for winter recreation.

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