Hermosa Area Trail System

The perfect place to go when you need to get out and about but don't want the crowd and smells of a city is the wilderness. Being surrounded by trees, lichen, and the sounds of the forest brings an almost indescribable comfort to many when they are overwhelmed by what the world throws at them.

The Hermosa Wilderness area is a protected area of the San Juan National Forest and is maintained by the Forest Service to stay preserved. Within this protected wilderness is a system of trails for those needing a break in the wild known as the Hermosa Area Trail System.

The trail system consists of 14 trails of varying length and roughness, each giving a unique perspective of the wilds. Together they total up to nearly 105 miles in length usable for most recreational activities you can think of. If cycling is your exercise of choice you can take a bike out and weave between the trees or along the paths. If you don't have that kind of equipment you can just hike around. It's not just hiking or cycling either, you can also use designated trails for off-road vehicles or horses to get around in style.

Things to Do in the Hermosa Area Trail System


The sheer variety and length of the Hermosa Area Trail System means that those looking for a good hike are flush with options. Depending on your goals you can hike for hours or just a short 15 minutes to stretch out the legs and get some air.

Mountain Biking

You can get plenty of exercise out in the Hermosa Area Trail System if you want to take your mountain or fat bike out for a ride through the woods. You can take it easy on a simple trail or make your way up and down the hills like traditional mountain bike courses.

Horseback Riding

There's nothing like guiding your horse through a primeval wilderness to feel like you're back in the early days of the wild west. You can get both your horse and yourself out for some fresh air and exercise by taking them on the Hermosa Area Trail System.


Whether you go for a two-wheel vehicle like a motorcycle or dirt bike or a four wheel one like an ATV you can find trails for Off-Highway Vehicles scattered around Colorado. Hermosa Area Trail System is home to quite a few good ones for all OHV fans to use.

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Travel Tips for Hermosa Area Trail System

  • Hermosa Area Trail System is a good distance from the nearest form of civilization, so be sure to bring what you need with you. Once you finish, please pack out what you packed in to help preserve the trails.

  • Bring plenty of water to stay hydrated on your adventure through the wilds and snacks to stay energized.

  • Proper safety gear and clothing is highly recommended for whatever method you use to travel the trails.

  • Be courteous to your fellow trail goers, especially if you are passing them, to avoid any accidents.