Twin Buttes Trail System

Nestled at the southern foot of Perin’s Peak, the Twin Buttes Trail System is an often-forgotten but exceptional network of trails. Visitors looking for a quiet experience in the woods will love the calm of this soft trail system. It can be accessed from Highway 160 leading out of town or County Road 207 near Lightner Creek. 

Visitors can hike, mountain bike, e-bike, or bird watch. 

During the winter, the Twin Buttes Trail system is a prime destination for snowshoeing. 

Things to Do in the Twin Buttes Trail System


With 14 miles of trails to explore, the small Twin Buttes Trail System has a lot for visitors to see and do. There are 11 unique trails in the system, and most of the lower trails are open year-round. The upper trails, like the Buttes Trail and the Cliffrock Loop trail, are closed for wildlife habitation from December 1 to April 15. 

The most adventurous hikers can enjoy a scramble up one of the buttes — just make sure to sign the peak register at the top. Be aware of private property signs throughout your trek. 

Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking in the Twin Buttes Area During Fall

Mountain bikers will enjoy this small system of trails for its many unique downhill offerings. For instance, the 1.3-mile Upper Ed & Flo Trail and 0.7-mile Lower Ed & Flo Trail are particularly challenging and rewarding in equal parts. Cyclists can catch some serious wind and negotiate tricky turns on either trail. 

For a more leisurely experience, check out the 2.2-mile Twin Buttes Trail.

E-Bike Mountain Biking

The Twin Buttes Trail System is one of the only trail networks in Durango to allow Class One e-bikes (those with no throttle and a maximum pedal-assisted speed of 20 mph) on the trail. Like any other cyclist, be mindful of foot traffic and pay close attention to trail signage. 

Bird Watching

Twin Buttes Trail System is one of the best birding hotspots in Durango. Avid birders can find Western and Mountain bluebirds, red-winged and Brewer’s blackbirds, red-tailed hawks, Canyon Wrens, and more. 

Depending on the season, you can spot many goldfinch and flycatcher varieties. 


The upper sections of the Twin Buttes Trail System are closed in the winter from December 1 to April 15. The Railroad Switchback Trail and most of the Twin Buttes Trail are open for snowshoeing. 

Be aware of avalanche safety and best practices, and remember that mountain slopes are not the only place where avalanches can occur. 

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Travel Tips for Twin Buttes Trail System

  • Always bring plenty of water and food with you on your trip.

  • The sun is much stronger at higher altitudes, so apply and reapply sunscreen liberally every two hours.

  • Be aware that predators are known to stalk the area at dusk. 

  • Stop in at the Speedway gas station near the Highway 160 access point and grab snacks and drinks to fuel your adventures. 


Care for Durango

  • Please pack out all trash and waste, including your pet's waste.

  • If you’re biking, be mindful of foot traffic. 

  • Follow Leave No Trace (LNT) principles.

  • Dogs must be leashed or otherwise physically restrained. Do not leave pets unattended.

  • Do not pick the wildflowers. 

  • Do not engage with or feed the wildlife. 

  • When walking next to ridgeline-adjacent neighborhoods, please be quiet for the nearby homeowners. 

Pledge to Care for Durango