Be Respectful to Local Workers

Durango is a fabulous place to visit. With so many opportunities for recreation, great food, and stellar mountain views, it is easy to make visiting Durango a tradition.

Treating local workers with respect will make your trip to Durango more fun and help create great memories.

Respect Rangers and Guides

Rangers and guides are all highly trained in keeping you safe and maintaining the environment so that we can continue to enjoy our public spaces. Even if you don’t understand a rule a ranger asks you to follow, there is a reason for it. Be respectful and listen to your rock climbing, rafting, or backcountry skiing guide just as you would a doctor or other professional. Oftentimes their direction keeps you out of danger that you are unaware may even exist. 

Treating rangers and your guides with respect and following what they say will also result in you having a better trip! When customers show their rafting guide that they listen to paddling instructions well, the guide is likely to hit big, fun waves!

If you have a concern or are unhappy, let your guide or a ranger know in a polite manner if you want the best outcome. Guides understand that you are paying hard-earned money to enjoy your trip, and want the best for everyone. 

Respect Hospitality Employees

Lodging, Restaurants, Retail, Outdoor Recreation, and More

Durango has many great restaurants, stores, hotels, and more that employ hospitality workers to keep their doors open. A happy hospitality employee will make happy customers. You can help by being respectful in several different ways, like being patient when there are long wait times, understanding that mistakes happen, and addressing issues in a calm manner.

Being a respectful visitor to Durango is key to keeping Durango locals welcoming to tourism. 

Be Respectful of Local Law Enforcement

The local law enforcement works hard to keep Durango a fun town with an old western feel, and modern amenities. A great way to be respectful to the local law enforcement is being polite if you get pulled over for trying to make it to the trailhead faster than everyone else. It can be easy to be grumpy if you are running late, but remember that the nicer you are to the local law enforcement, the nicer they will be to you.


Local rangers, guides, and hospitality workers value visitors coming to Durango because it allows them to live and work in this incredible area. Even if you have had a long day, treating everyone with respect ensures that your favorite restaurant or guide will always be around and create a better experience for you.