What is Responsible Tourism?

Responsible Tourism is an approach to tourism that seeks to impact the societies and environments where tourism takes place positively. It is founded on social, economic, and environmental sustainability principles.

The goal of Responsible Tourism is to create a more sustainable and equitable industry, one that provides benefits to local communities and minimizes environmental impacts. This includes ensuring that tourism generates good jobs, supports local businesses, conserves natural resources, and improves social welfare.

To achieve these goals, Responsible Tourism advocates for practices such as investing in community-based projects and organizing training programs for residents

The shift in Visit Durango’s focus has been driven by global events such as the establishment of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the Glasgow Agreement among destinations. Additionally, the reports released by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change have had a significant impact. This shift is also motivated by the moral obligations to our community in the present day.

Statement on Responsible Tourism.

Visit Durango is dedicated to fostering a model of Responsible Tourism, prioritizing quality experiences over mere quantity.

We aim to attract visitors who deeply appreciate and respect the unique character of our town — its people, culture, and natural environment. We believe in welcoming guests who not only enjoy the amenities of Durango but also contribute positively to our community.

By achieving a harmonious balance between visitor satisfaction and community well-being, we ensure that tourism significantly enhances the quality of life for La Plata County residents.

As the stewards of this vision, Visit Durango remains steadfast in its role as a Destination Management and Marketing Organization (DMMO), committed to nurturing a thriving, sustainable, and inviting community for both residents and visitors alike.

Partnerships and Community Engagement

  1. Educate visitors and businesses on responsible recreation, stewardship, dispersion, and environmental preservation initiatives.

  2. Recruit, assist, and consult with businesses for sustainability initiatives and programs.

  3. Conduct research and data analysis to define need areas for geographic and seasonal dispersion.

  4. Achieve Mountain IDEAL Certification for the destination.

  5. Monitor relevant community issues that impact tourism and the workforce and advocate as appropriate.

  6. Engage with underrepresented communities.

  7. Expand diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts with partners to be welcoming to all.

  8. Produce partner communications and educational event opportunities. 

Top 8 actions visitors can do to be good stewards of La Plata County while visiting

Discover the enchanting beauty of our area, but remember that with every adventure comes responsibility. Here's how you can help us preserve the magic of La Plata County:

  • Know the Rules of the Land You’re On: Before setting off, familiarize yourself with the regulations of our beloved land to ensure your actions align with preserving its splendor.

  • Be Prepared for Your Adventures: Equip yourself with the necessary supplies and information, ensuring safety and minimizing disturbances to our natural environment.

  • Be Wildlife and Critter Aware: Our region is home to diverse wildlife; observe them from a distance and let them live undisturbed in their natural habitat.

  • Stick to the Trail: Walk within the marked trails to protect our flora and avoid disrupting the ecosystem.

  • Follow Fire Restrictions: Help us prevent wildfires by strictly adhering to our fire rules and regulations.

  • Be a Responsible Pet Owner: Keep your pets leashed and clean up after them to maintain the cleanliness and integrity of our paths.

  • Be WaterWise: Conserve water, our precious resource, by using it sparingly and wisely.

  • Leave Only Good Vibes: Respect our community and fellow visitors; let's foster an atmosphere of positivity and mutual respect.

By following these guidelines, not only will you enjoy all that Durango has to offer, but you'll also play an essential role in preserving its charm for years to come. So, let's venture responsibly and leave a legacy of love for La Plata County!