A Legacy of Land

Education and agriculture

Country Store Old Fort Farm
Nestled 16 miles southwest of Durango, the Old Fort at Hesperus is steeped in the history of the Southwest.

Once a military fort and federal Indian boarding school, it became Fort Lewis College's original site and has undergone several transformations. The Old Fort is a 6,318 acre property owned by the Colorado State Land Board and managed through a beneficial use agreement by Fort Lewis College.
Spanning Highway 140 and the La Plata River, the Old Fort’s land includes different ecosystem types and land uses, including ecological research, farming, ranching, and historic preservations.

Empowering future farmers

Old Fort Farmers
Today, the Old Fort is home to our Farmer Training Programs, tailored for those eager to thrive in arid mountain environments. From hands-on training for aspiring farmers to incubator opportunities for budding entrepreneurs, we offer a dynamic learning experience with challenging growing conditions and supportive mentors.

You can learn more about the Old Fort’s history and present through visiting our website, or visiting the Old Fort for a tour of the production fields.

Visitors are always welcome to stop by our Country Store, open dawn to dusk every day of the week. The Store stocks in-season local produce as well as local meats, other local food products, and a little free library.