With a beautiful waterfall and views unlike any other, Cascade Canyon is a must-see spot in all seasons! But in the winter, this beautiful place turns into a glorified ice palace.

Here are 5 reasons not to miss Cascade Canyon in the Winter:

#1 Easy to Get To

Cascade Canyon is very easy to access. You can actually drive to the very start of it off of Highway 550!

Another way is via The Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad. "The Train," heads to this magical little spot in the San Juan Mountains during its shortened winter trips. Although it does not go to the exact location we will mention in the rest of the list, it's a gorgeous, unforgettable trip nonetheless.

#2 Ice Climbing 

A local favorite, ice climbing is very popular at Cascade Canyon. The frozen waterfalls that tumble down Cascade Creek produce clean, hard ice that is great for ice climbers of all experience levels.

The best time to ice climb in Cascade Creek is from mid-January to mid-February- when the days are coldest and the waterfalls have solidified enough to be safe. 

#3 Nearby Hiking and Snowshoeing Trails

Assuming you've driven to Cascade Canyon from Durango via Highway 550, you'll park right off the side of the road next to Cascade Creek. Once parked, you'll have access to the entire canyon and trails that snake towards the Needle Mountains via Old Lime Creek Road.

During Winter, you'll find numerous seasonal hiking and snowshoeing trails to explore- all with views of Cascade Canyon and the neighboring 13er mountains in the Needles.

#4 Winter Playground for Your Dog

Do you have a dog? Does your dog like to hike? Does your dog like waterfalls or ice cubes? Cascade Canyon has all of that!

This is the perfect winter place for all those adventurous, snow-loving canines! Because of the easy access from Highway 500 (assuming you drove from Durango), your dog won't have to hike very far to play in Cascade Creek. Just be aware of your dog's temperature in the cold and watching him/her around any of the frozen waterfalls or other hikers.

#5 Incredible Scenery for Winter Photography

Looking for a stunning background for your Christmas card? You've come to the right place (snowshoes are recommended in the winter to hike into this gorgeous scene). If photography is on your list of hobbies, there's no better place to snap some awe-inspiring shots. Enjoy the quiet winter stillness and transport yourself, and your photos, to another world. 


Cascade Canyon is an incredible place to visit during your Durango trip. We highly recommend taking a day-trip out to see the incredible sights in this Winter wonderland.