With a beautiful waterfall and views unlike any other, Cascade Canyon is a must-see spot in all seasons! But in the winter, this beautiful place turns into a glorified ice palace. Here are five other reasons not to miss Cascade Canyon in the winter:

1. The Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad heads to this magical little spot in the San Juan Mountains during its shortened winter trips. Although it does not go to the exact location we will mention in the rest of the list, it's a gorgeous, unforgetable trip nontheless.

2. If you're a mountain or ice climber, this hidden gem has plenty of entertainment just for you.

3. Looking for a stunning background for your Christmas card? You've come to the right place (snowshoes are recommended in the winter to hike into this gorgeous scene).

4. Do you have a dog? Does your dog like to hike? Does your dog like waterfalls or ice cubes? This is the perfect winter place for all those adventurous, snow-loving canines!

5. If photography is on your list of hobbies, there's no better place to snap some awe-inspiring shots. Enjoy the quiet winter stillness and transport yourself, and your photos, to another world.