An Introduction to Eat Local Month in Durango

Another famous event is about to take place in Durango: “Eat Local Month!” Hosted by Local First, Eat Local Month features a month of gourmet meals provided by Durango’s local restaurants, chefs, vendors, and farms.

Although this year’s Eat Local Month is a little different, the month will be full of great meals, cocktails, and enthusiasm you’d come to expect. 

If you’re looking to participate in Eat Local Month, here’s everything you need to know about one of the tastiest months in Durango:


What Is Eat Local Month?

Eat Local Month Signage Durango, CO
For the 5th year, Durango will celebrate its local food, chefs, and farmers with a full month of gourmet food and drinks. Hosted by Local First, Eat Local Month is a beloved tradition of Durango’s local food scene that showcases local culinary talent through weekly dinners that include incredible cocktails and desserts from participating restaurants around Durango.

Eat Local Month Has Adapted This Year

With the unforeseen challenges of COVID, Eat Local Month has adapted to showcase Durango’s talent in a unique way. This year, rather than gathering the whole community for a single dinner, Local First and its partners have worked to create a safe, healthy experience. 

To celebrate the local food and talent of Durango, this year’s Eat Local Month will include weekly gourmet take-home meals and an interactive behind-the-scenes look at the local growers, preparers, and advocates that put together those meals.

A Weekly Celebration Of Durango’s Food Scene

Every Friday from September 25–October 16, ticket holders will pick up and enjoy a gourmet “take-home” dinner from Durango’s best food and beverage talent. 

With over two dozen restaurants, farms, and vendors participating, each week of Eat Local Month will have a completely unique and one-of-a-kind menu to enjoy. 

Each $75 ticket includes three courses, an alcoholic beverage, a value-added product, as well as a donation to support Durango’s local chefs, farms, and vendors.

In addition, attendees can engage with Durango’s local foodies, through a series of virtual webinars and conversations on topics ranging from food-waste to creative cooking.

Week One ticket sales end Sunday, September 20th at 5pm so don’t miss your chance to experience the kick-off to this one of a kind event!

Where, When, And Who Is Participating In Eat Local Month?

Chefs Cooking During Eat Local Month

Photo provided by Scott DW Smith

Each week features a menu crafted by chefs from top restaurants around Durango. Here is a quick snapshot of what each week entails:


Week 1: Wasted Opportunities

Ticket sales end Sunday, September 20th!

Eat Local Month kicks off with a week dedicated to reducing food waste and showcasing ways your food waste can be recovered, rather than thrown away. 

Enjoy delicious and inventive new dishes as you learn about how to use otherwise wasted food.

Pick Up Location:

Primi Pasta and Wine Bar

What Durango Restaurants Are Featured:


Week 2: Local Agriculture

Explore and taste the full cycle of food from farm-to-table and table-to-farm while learning the importance of local food to Durango’s health and the health of the economy.

Pick Up Location: 

The Union Social House

What Durango Restaurants Are Featured:


Week 3: In the Weeds

Enjoy a meal cultivated with care by Durango’s local farmers and food workers while learning about supporting mental health for the food community and its workers.

Pick Up Location: 

Ore House

What Durango Restaurants Are Featured:


Week 4: Creative Cooking

See it all come together for the final week of Eat Local month as you eat a meal brought to you by the most creative culinary minds of Durango.

Pick Up Location: 

Eat Zawadi

What Durango Restaurants Are Featured:


Enjoy All Four Weeks

Can’t pick just one or two dinners? You can purchase all four weeks through Local First and save with a special discount. 

That deal is only available through Sunday, September 20th.

The Benefits of Eat Local Month

Eat Local Month Durango, CO Food

Photo provided by Scott DW Smith


Eat Local Month does more than just providing you a meal from Durango’s finest food and talent!

Eat Local Month was initially launched to encourage Durango's local food movement- a mission that has continued over the last five years.

As Dandelion Cafe's owner Alison Dance put it:

“It's not just about supporting local farms. It's about a whole harvest vision that this community [Durango] continues to grow and bask in. It's a celebration of the foodshed that feeds us all."

To continue to celebrate this mission, all proceeds from the events benefit local farmers, restaurants, and nonprofits. 

In addition, the proceeds will help Local First's ongoing efforts to promote and grow Durango’s local, independent business community.

By participating in Eat Local Month, you’re helping Durango’s local community, restaurants, and workers!


Quick Summary Of Eat Local Month

Eat Local Month Food Plate, Durango, COPhoto provided by Scott DW Smith

To help you navigate the event, here is a quick snapshot of the everything you need to know about Eat Local Month:


Eat Local Month presented by Local First and participating restaurants, chefs, and vendors in Durango.


Every Friday, September 25 - October 16. Gourmet dinner pick-ups are from 5-6pm.



Pick-ups are at various restaurants in Durango.

How Much:

$75 per ticket per person. Ticket includes a three-course meal, an alcoholic beverage, value added-product, nonprofit donation, and all taxes and gratuities.


2020 has been a challenge for all of us, but especially for our local restaurants and vendors who are such a large part of what makes Durango special! 

Come celebrate local food businesses that make Durango such a delicious place to stay and live.


Eat Local Month is a celebration of all things food in Durango. Over two dozen restaurants, farms, and local vendors will showcase their talent and creativity through weekly take-home meals and virtual experiences.

Not only does this event support restaurants, but it also supports Durango’s local foodshed, hardworking farmers, nonprofits, and the community at large. 

Tickets are limited and are selling fast, get yours today!


Featured photo provided by Jennaye Derge
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