Colorado Gives Day is the state’s largest single day of giving and this year is on December 7. Led by Community First Foundation, over $419 million has been raised for Colorado nonprofits between 2007 and 2020. Over 70 nonprofits from our region are participating in this year’s fundraising day. For 24 hours on Tuesday, Dec. 7, Colorado comes together as a community, sharing stories and raising funds to help us and 3,100 other nonprofits continue our missions.  This celebration of giving helps donors like you give where they live to the causes, they love the most. We value the San Juan Mountains and know you do too! 

Who Is Mountain Studies Institute

Mountain Studies Institute (MSI) is proud to be part of the Southwest Colorado regional cohort participating in Colorado Gives. MSI is an independent not-for-profit mountain research and education center established in 2002 in Silverton, Colorado. With locations in Silverton and Durango and partnerships that extend across San Juan County and beyond, MSI develops science that people can use to address environmental issues facing the San Juan Mountains. 

We conduct and facilitate research, provide educational opportunities and internships, and conduct environmental monitoring. Our work incorporates research and initiatives across the San Juan region and beyond. Some of our ongoing conservation efforts include Animas River water quality monitoring, tracking post-fire recovery and impacts after the 416 Burn in the San Juan National Forest, and watershed and river-based restoration projects. 

We also work closely with local schools and Fort Lewis College to provide hands-on educational field trips and stewardship activities for students. 

What Is Colorado Gives Day?

As we get ready for the biggest giving day of the year, we reflect on the difficult times we’ve weathered together over the past two years. Despite these challenges, we are strong and remain committed to empowering communities and innovating solutions to strengthen the mountain ecosystems around us. We’re asking you to join us for Colorado Gives Day to make a difference in the lives of everyone who loves and appreciates the San Juan Mountains. 

With your generous support, we can continue offering educational opportunities and field trips to local youth to engage and get them invested in becoming the environmental stewards of tomorrow. We can lead revegetation and restoration efforts to fight the effects of drought, climate change, and human destabilization to create a more resilient, thriving forest. We can continue our research and stewardship of local watersheds to ensure that our communities’ vital water resources remain clean, healthy, and vibrant. We can maintain our leadership and stewardship of the precious natural resources in the land we all love. 

How To Support Colorado Gives Day and MSI

Please consider making a tax-deductible gift to Mountain Studies Institute through Colorado Gives. You can schedule your donation for MSI, and it will count toward earning us a part of the $1.6 million Colorado Gives Day Incentive Fund. All participating Colorado Gives Day nonprofits earn a percentage of the fund, so the more we raise, the more we earn. 

There are many ways to multiply your impact on Colorado Gives Day, and just a few of them are listed below:

#1 Schedule a Donation

All participating Colorado Gives Day nonprofits earn a percentage of the $1.6 Million Incentive Fund, so the more we raise, the more we get! In addition, by receiving 30 or more donations on December 7, MSI is eligible to win one of the Grand Prizes up to $15,000.

#2 Spread the Word 

Help spread the word of our fundraiser across your social media by sharing our posts on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn, and by talking with friends and family!

#3 Represent MSI Yourself 

You can sign up to become one of our ambassadors and fundraise on our behalf by setting up a fundraising page on It’s easy to do and it makes sharing simple and fun! Plus, if our friends set up fundraising pages, we get a chance to win $7,000!

#4 Play Trivia with MSI

FirstBank hosts the fun on FirstBank’s Facebook page from Monday, Nov. 29 – Friday, Dec. 3. Two players will win each day and receive $1,000 for their favorite nonprofit. Look for the @ColoradoGives tag. Questions are posted twice a day and winners are randomly drawn from all the correct answers. Play on behalf of MSI to increase our odds!

#5 Purchase a Giving eCard

Recipients can use the card to support any organization on You can even purchase a Kids for Colorado Gives eCard specially designed to introduce kids to charitable giving here!

Your support and generosity of any kind are appreciated now more than ever. The San Juans are calling- how will you answer?

Photo credit by Mountain Studies Institute staff.