West Needle Mountains During the Winter by Drone
Moxie Visit Durango

Moxie is Visit Durango's famous Barketing Director. When she's not chewing on printer paper or zooming around the office, you can find her contemplating David Hume's bundle theory while trying to figure out why the neighbor's cat uses a litter box instead of a tree.

The Best Season to get Married in Durango

Which is the Best Season to get Married in Durango? One of the best things about choosing Durango as your wedding destination is that each season brings a whole new lineup of stunning views and opportunities for memories with your family and friends. Which is the best season to choose for a Durango…

The Art of “Cabining™”

O-Bar-O Cabins has mastered the year-round art of luxury cabining. With 10 amazing cabins perched on the banks of the Florida River in Durango, O-Bar-O is the choice for guests who want to immerse in nature while enjoying thoughtfully outfitted accommodations privately. O-Bar-O is a short drive to…

10 Things to Know About Avalanches Around Durango

As the snow begins to fall in Durango, winter excitement starts to fill the air! Dreams of shredding fresh powder on skis, stomping through forests on snowshoes, and sledding downhill begin. But lurking in the shadows like a monster in a horror movie is everyone's nightmare: the avalanche…

10 Outdoor Winter Activities to Try in Durango

Winter in Colorado is here, and what better way to spend it than trying something new! It’s no secret that Durango is a winter wonderland. With three ski resorts and hills surrounded by miles and miles of backcountry and snow-capped mountains, Durango is the perfect place to explore the snow and…

10 Simple Ways to Reduce Light Pollution

People who visit Durango on a regular basis or are long-time locals absolutely love Durango's night sky. On most clear nights, we are blessed with the incredible twinkling celestial bodies and the ever-reaching arm of the Milky Way above. As the Durango cityscape builds up around and more visitors…

10 Ways to Be an Advocate for Change

In today's digital age, it's easy to be a keyboard warrior. While there is a time and place to speak out against injustices online, a lot of those conversations fall on deaf ears. This month, we challenge everyone to take the next step and learn to be an advocate for whatever is of interest to you…

5 Fall Scenic Drives Around Durango

Fall is arguably the best season in Colorado, and what better way to experience it than by taking a drive? Since Durango, Colorado sits at the intersection of the high country with mountains and alpine terrain and the high desert country full of mesas, you’ll see a variety of foliage changing during…

A Guide to Vallecito Reservoir

Durango, Colorado, is home to incredible places to play in the water. There's no shortage of reservoirs, rivers, streams, and alpine lakes to explore. One area that stands out is the town of Vallecito, located east of Durango. It is just a short drive from downtown Durango to the water's edge of…