Partner Information for Durango Arts Week

As a member of the incredible art community, we invite you to participate by building, planning, and hosting your special event, workshop, showing, or class during the timeframe of Durango Arts Week!


The Details on Durango Arts Week

What is Durango Arts Week?

Durango Arts Week is a 10-day celebration through Durango and La Plata County that features an array of special events, art classes, showings, and gatherings. The aim is to celebrate creativity, inclusivity, and inspiration for all!

When is Durango Arts Week?

This year's Durango Arts Week will occur from September 15-24, 2023.

Who is Invited to Participate?

We invite all Durango and La Plata County businesses, organizations, non-profits, and start-ups to participate by hosting an art-related event during the timeframe.

What Art Forms and Mediums Can Participate?

Durango Arts Week is a celebration of all things art. As a result, we include the defining forms and mediums of "art," including painting (traditional and digital), sculpture, literature (writing, storytelling, and poetry), architecture, cinema, music, and theater.

The Official Mission Statement of Durango Arts Week

Durango Arts Week strives to provide an engaging and memorable experience for all participants by uniting the community through art and celebrating diversity and accessibility. We promote our mission throughout the community to experience art in Durango, foster relationships with artists, sponsors, and partner organizations, and create broad appeal for all ages and walks of life.

Resources for Your Business or Organization to Participate in Durango Arts Week

We want to make sure you have the resources to make Durango Arts Week a success. As such, we are offering the following resources:

Submitting Your Event for Promotion

The Durango Arts Week Working Group and Visit Durango have allocated budget and resources to promote specific events prior to Durango Arts Week. This includes organic marketing, paid advertising, photography and videography of the event, and press releases.

In order to get access to all of these resources, we highly recommend filling out this form and getting your event published on Durango.org for free.

Toolkit, Press, and Branding Kits

We have uploaded the tools, press, and branding kits to make your Durango Arts Week event or program successful to a Google Drive folder for download.

Free Marketing Consultations

We have a team of local marketing experts available to help you strategize and plan your Durango Arts Week event or program free of charge. During these consultations, we can discuss your marketing strategy, channels, and how to host a successful event for Durango Arts Week! You can schedule a free marketing consultation here.

Access to Photo and Video Library

We have an extensive library of photos and videos of nearly 20,000 assets that you can use to help promote your event or program free of charge. You can gain access to the photo and video library here.

Contact for More Information and Questions

For questions or additional information on building and promoting your Durango Arts Week event or program, please contact the Durango Arts Week team directly at artweek@durango.org.

We look forward to having you join us in celebrating art in Durango during the 1st Annual Durango Arts Week!