About Spoketober

Spoketober is a celebration of the biking culture of Durango and La Plata County. During this month-long series of events, local partners and biking organizations will offer cycling experiences for visitors and locals alike. 

Spoketober is all about cycling. It celebrates Durango’s tight-knit and passionate cycling community and the decades of dedicated residents committed to making Durango one of the top cycling destinations in the nation. 

This includes mountain biking, road biking, e-biking, gravel biking, BMXing, bike commuting, etc.

This annual event lasts throughout October: the 1st through the 31st, and includes various events hosted throughout Durango. These events include group rides, bike swaps, parades, prizes, specials, sweepstakes, and more.

Vision of Spoketober

The vision of Spoketober is to be the premiere cycling celebration in the United States. We strive to create a festive atmosphere that will draw cyclists near and far to Durango, Colorado.

We seek to provide an unforgettable and engaging experience for visitors and locals through educational programming, inspiring group rides and events, and various recreational and competitive recreational opportunities for all ages and abilities.

Mission of Spoketober

  1. To cultivate a welcoming and inclusive biking community that celebrates Durango’s rich cycling history and culture.
  2. To offer people of all ages, skills, and abilities enjoyable experiences on two wheels throughout October.
  3. To provide engaging events that bring together locals and visitors to enjoy the beauty of La Plata County by bike.
  4. To foster an appreciation for the outdoors and promote safe and responsible trail usage
  5. To drive economic impact in Durango through bike tourism and empowering local businesses to participate in Spoketober events.
  6. Encourage active transportation, sustainable living, outdoor recreation, and environmental stewardship.


Values of Spoketober

  1. Inclusivity and diversity
  2. Promotion of the cycling culture of Durango
  3. Stewardship and preservation of trails, open space, and recreational areas
  4. Collaboration between businesses, sponsors, and stakeholders
  5. Support of the local economy
  6. Safety and respect for all


Official Mission Statement of Spoketober

Spoketober celebrates Durango’s rich cycling history and culture. Through engaging events, inspiring group rides, and educational programming, we strive to provide an unforgettable experience for locals and visitors alike. We are committed to fostering an appreciation for the outdoors, promoting stewardship and responsible recreation, and driving economic impact in Durango through bike tourism. We believe in the power of inclusivity and diversity to create an inclusive biking community that celebrates Durango’s unique culture.