2023 Lodger's Tax Local Event Marketing Grant Application

The City of Durango and Visit Durango understand the important role that special events play in improving residents' quality of life and attracting visitors to the area. In early 2022 the City of Durango City Council earmarked a portion of the new lodger's tax funds for the support of local event marketing. Visit Durango’s Board of Directors formed the Events Committee to create a process for systematically and strategically distributing this funding.

All Funding from this Program Must be Used for Marketing-Related Programs.

All applications will be reviewed and scored by the Visit Durango Events Committee using a scoring rubric based on the consideration criteria listed at the top of the application. Event organizers will be notified if any additional information is needed for Events Task Force consideration. Questions about this form or the Events Task Force can be directed to James Flint | Marketing & Events Coordinator | Visit Durango | James@durango.org.