Animas River Trail

Running alongside, and sometimes over, the calm cleansing waters of the picturesque Animas River is the Animas River Trail. A paved shared-use trail stretching 7 miles through the city of Durango on the banks of the Animas River. The trail winds through town, over some bridges, and under others as it follows the river's trail.

Whether you're looking for a chance to get out and exercise or just a nice leisurely stroll listening to the water play over the rocks, the river trail is what you're looking for. 

On the trail, you can do the standard walking, but if you're looking for something else, you can run, bike, or even e-bike at your convenience. 

Not only is the Animas River Trail a great option for getting outside, but it is also the gateway to so many more outdoor opportunities. 

The trail passes by fishing spots, river put-ins, picnic areas, and beaches.

Things to Do on the Animas River Trail

Walking or Hiking

Family on the Animas River Trail

With its 7-mile length and multiple access points, the Animas River Trail is perfect for hiking and walking of nearly any sort, no matter your desired length. 

If you want a nice walk to help you digest after you eat, the trail passes by several restaurants, or just a nice hike to pass the time, your options are open.

Biking or eBiking

Biking on the Animas River Trail During Fall

As a path the Animas RiverTrail is paved, even, and in excellent condition, making it perfect for a bike ride. 

Whether you prefer electric or manual and use the path for recreation or as part of your daily commute, bikers are welcome.

Rollerblading or Skateboarding

Looking for an alternative to the Chapman roller rink or the skatepark? The Animas River Trail allows the use of rollerblades/skates and skateboards on the path. 

Its smooth paved surface is ideal for helping avoid any falls due to cracks or dips in the pavement.

Bird and Wildlife Watching

Buck Deer on the Animas River

Considered to be the ideal bird-watching locale in Durango, the Animas Trail has multiple habitats and viewing spots to see the area's natural fauna. 

Several species of birds are present off the Animas River Trail, including bald eagles, cooper’s hawks, black-billed magpies, great blue herons, and many more.

In addition to birds, the Animas River Trail sees white-tailed deer, elk, American beavers, and several species of turtles.

Just remember, if you are out and about to see the local wildlife, respect their boundaries and give them their space.

Viewing Outdoor Art, Murals, and Sculptures

Outdoor Sculptures on the Animas River Trail

Featuring mosaics, music installations, and sculptures, the natural scenery isn't the only attraction of the Animas River Trail. 

For those interested in more than the local environment, just a few feet from the trail, there are informational plaques, installations from various artists, and easy access to the local Powerhouse Science Museum.

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Travel Tips for the Animas River Trail

  • If you are biking, skating, rollerblading, etc. make sure you make fellow trail users aware of your presence as you pass.

  • Bikers and skaters are recommended to wear proper safety gear to avoid injury should any accidents arise.

  • Public bathrooms are available, and you aren't too far from the city, so you can easily access a bathroom if necessary.

  • Dogs are welcome on the trail as long as they are leashed, and walkers should pick up after them.

  • Leave a safe distance between yourself and any wildlife you may encounter on the trail.

  • Please keep the trail clean and follow trail etiquette.


Accessibility Information

  • Wheelchair-accessible fishing piers

    • Riverfront Park

    • 29th Street Park

  • River access

    • Dallabetta Park

    • Oxbow Park

  • Restrooms

    • Santa Rita Park

    • Rotary Park

    • Oxbow Park

  • Event seating

    • Santa Rita Whitewater Park

  • Picnic shelter 

    • Santa Rita Whitewater Park

    • Memorial Park

    • Oxbox Park


Care for Durango

  • Clean up after yourself and pack out any trash you create or see on the river trail. 

  • If you bring a dog, keep them on a leash and pick up after them.

  • Stay on the Trail, don’t create new paths to the River.

  • On a bike or other approved mobility device, go slow in crowded areas and educate yourself on proper etiquette.

  • Speak up when you see something that could harm the river or its environment.

  • Educate yourself and others about the Animas River and its importance to our community.

Pledge to Care for Durango