Log Chutes Trail System

Located on miles of high-profile ridgeline, the Log Chutes Trail System has stunning views of the Animas River Valley. Located six miles north of town, the Log Chutes Trail System is a perfect day trip for visitors looking to get out of the city and experience backcountry bliss. This Trail System can be accessed from Junction Creek Road, which leads out of Durango. 

In the summer, there are hiking, mountain biking, climbing, and bouldering opportunities. 

During the winter, snowshoers can explore to their heart’s content. 

Things to Do in the Log Chutes Trail System


The Log Chutes Trail System has six trails to choose from, and all are built for advanced hikers who have acclimated to mountain elevations. The most well-known trail in this system is the Animas Overlook Trail, a 2.9-mile trek with picnic tables at the beginning for those looking to get a quick bite to eat before hitting the trail. 

Mountain Biking

This Log Chutes Trail System provides technical challenges for the savviest bikers and an easy ride for casual riders. For mountain bikers looking to catch some wind, the Log Chutes Downhill trail quickly descends over 1,000 feet through breathtaking ponderosa pine. 

Climbing and Bouldering

Bouldering at Turtle Lake During Spring

There are several bouldering outcrops and cliffs throughout the Log Chutes Trail System and near Junction Creek. There are plenty of opportunities for traditional and top-rope climbing in the area

Closer to Junction Creek, boulderers can visit Cougar Land, which has 46 established routes to work through and enjoy.


In the winter, snowshoeing visitors can enjoy a challenge and weave through thick wintertime forests. Though ungroomed, the 2.7-mile Westview Loop trail is a popular snowshoe trek for seasoned winter athletes. 

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Travel Tips for Log Chutes Trail System

  • Always bring plenty of water and food with you on your trip. 

  • Be aware that predators are known to stalk the area at dusk. 

  • Be mindful of vehicles when you cross from the Log Chutes I trail to the Westview Loop trail. 

  • On your way back to town on Junction Creek Road, check out the Colorado Trail Trailhead. 

  • Cell service can be spotty, so bring a satellite-capable communication device or let someone know where you are. 

  • Take a refreshingly cold dip in Junction Creek after crushing the trails!


Accessibility Information

  • Log Chutes is not accessible as it is a steep, narrow dirt trail

  • Animas Overlook has been designed to be ADA-accessible with wide paved trails. 

  • Due to the lack of maintenance on the trails, it is not recommended for people who need mobility devices.


Care for Durango

  • Please pack out all trash and waste, including your pet's waste.

  • If you’re biking, be mindful of foot traffic. 

  • Follow Leave No Trace (LNT) principles.

  • Please be respectful of others on the trail. 

  • Do not engage with or feed the wildlife. 

  • Do not pick the wildflowers. 

  • Do not feed the wildlife. 

  • Be respectful to others on the trail!

Pledge to Care for Durango