Accessible Outdoor Recreation

In Durango, Colorado

Durango, Colorado is a thriving, inclusive, and accessible community for everyone to enjoy. From the Animas River Valley to the San Juan peaks, adventure in Durango is everywhere, and for everyone. Enjoy 300 annual days of sunshine in the locale known for premiere biking, water sports, skiing, fishing, and more. With direct access to Colorado’s largest wilderness area, Durango is the headquarters for outdoor thrills. Adrenaline-filled summers spent whitewater rafting or exploring the trails, as well as winters full of skiing and snow sports, make this mountain town a year-round adventure destination.

Below is your guide to accessible outdoor recreation in Durango, and surrounding areas. 

Accessible outdoor recreational activities may vary based on conditions and the time of year, precipitation, and other weather events. Please consider elevation profile, trail distance, user skill level, and equipment type when choosing to use a wheelchair-friendly or accessible activity. Accessible trails are based on trail width, grade, cross-slopes, obstacles, surface firmness, and surface type. Please note that a wheelchair-friendly designation does not imply that it meets ADA standards.

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