Bikes can be used to do a lot of things cars can't in the right areas. You can take a bike off-road pretty much anywhere, fit into tighter paths, save money on gas, and get some exercise while you're at it. That's not to say that cars can't do many things a bike can't, like run at consistently faster speeds, carry more cargo, etc.

But you can get some of the best of both worlds by combining the two into an e-bike. You can get out into nature like a bike but have some of the consistency of a car. You can take the bike paths to get around without needing to spend so much on gas or tiring yourself out as much.

Durango is an e-bike-friendly city, with most of the city bike paths and lanes being open to e-bike usage. Some paths are a great way to get around town and run some errands. Others are just a nice way to get out for some fresh air and fantastic scenery. If you want to head out into the wilds, there are plenty of e-bike-friendly trails around Durango. So jump on your e-bike and get ready for an adventure.

Places to Go E-Biking

Twin Buttes Trail System

Just down the road, to the west of downtown Durango, is the Twin Buttes housing development area. While a seemingly normal housing area the Twin Buttes actually features over 14 miles of forested yet well-maintained mountain trails ideal for daily use. 

You can of course hike and mountain bike the trails but you can even use an e-bike on them to cover more ground and explore the whole system. 

The system consists of a few loops open year round and several more available during the summer and fall months. Each offering a unique perspective of the surrounding nature for those looking to take their e-bikes out for a spin.

Animas River Trail

If you still want to take a ride on the e-bike side but want to explore something a bit less mountainous while sticking closer to town there is a fantastic e-biking option right here in downtown Durango. 

The Animas River Trail is a scenic riverside trail that passes right through town, letting you take your e-bike out and about without needing to lug it around in a car. You can just get out for some fresh air or you can set out on an adventure. Stop by a food truck near the trail for a snack or just enjoy the nearby river banks.

Purgatory Resort

Outside the usual ski seasons, ski resorts have a lot of land available for recreational use just sitting there since there's not any snow for skiing. Purgatory, the ski resort near Durango, uses the ski trails and lifts in the summer as mountain bike courses for those looking to hit the slopes during the warmer months.

From the base of the mountain those with e-bikes can set out on an epic journey up the mountain. In the process enjoying the mountain side in a way most of the skiers haven't. 

Hermosa Creek Trail System

Hermosa Creek and the trails that run through it are lands protected by the Forest Service, which means that they are some of the most preserved nature trails around for e-bike use. 

You can hop on your bike and travel the maintained paths around the creek enjoying the nearly untouched woods and mountains the backwoods of Southwest Colorado are known for.

If you have the gear and the baggage space as well you could do some e-bike camping in the area as you ride the trails. Maybe even some fishing at the picturesque Hermosa Creek to get the most out of your journey.

Things to Know About E-Biking in Durango

  • Not all paths allow e-bike usage so be sure to check them before you start a ride.

  • E-biking is still a form of exercise, so stay hydrated and don’t wear yourself out too much. Bring a water bottle with you if you can.

  • Wearing the proper clothing and safety gear is highly recommended. Wear lighter clothing on hot days and warmer on cold days and whatever is appropriate in between. Helmets are highly recommended for daily use.

  • Make sure to charge up your e-bike before you go so you have plenty of juice for the trip ahead.