Mountain Biking

The High-Country region around Durango is a mountain biker's paradise! The area, which is defined as north of Purgatory Resort and south of Silverton, Colorado, contains several mountain ranges and miles and miles of alpine mountain biking.

For anyone looking to experience everything that Colorado mountain biking has to offer- the High-Country is the place to be!

What to Know About the High-Country

Here's what you should know about the High-Country mountain biking trails:

Incredible Views and Scenery

The High-Country is full of incredible views and scenery. From the alpine summits to meadows, forests, and river valleys, the area is dotted with astounding sights! Miles and miles of alpine vistas are available from your handlebars!

Very Technical

The High-Country is not a walk-in-the-park compared to other mountain biking areas around Durango! Most of the trails in the High-Country lie above 9,000 feet in elevation and feature a mix of rocky and steep climbs with fast, sharp descents.

Besides gravel riding on Forest Service roads, you will not find many beginner trails to mountain bike on.

Be Aware of the Elements and Environment

As the saying goes, "the mountains make their own weather!" Pay attention to the weather, as it can be unpredictable and is sometimes dangerous. Thunderstorms are frequent and don't mix with your metal-frame mountain bike!

Depending on where you're riding, the elevation in the High-Country ranges from 9,000 feet to over 13,000 feet. The high altitude affects each rider differently so be aware of altitude sickness and how to prevent it.

Tips and Tricks for the High-Country

Before mountain biking in the High-Country outside of Durango, here are some tips, tricks, and advice to ensure you have a safe and memorable time:

Pack Enough Supplies

Always wear a helmet, even on short rides. In addition to helmets, always pack enough water, food, and a bike repair kit. Most of the trails in the High-Country are miles from support without a quick way back. Make sure you are prepared for anything when mountain biking in the High-Country!

Know Your Limits

Not all trails in the High-Country are made equal! Many of the trails have difficult sections that will a challenge even for experienced mountain bikers! Make sure you know your limits when in the High-Country!

Download Your Maps Ahead of Time

Service in the High-Country is very spotty. Before heading out, we recommend downloading maps of your trail/route to reference along the way.

Consider Riding Easier Trails

The trails in the High-Country are very difficult! Even if you're a seasoned pro we recommend riding easier trails than you normally would.

Mountain Biking Areas and Trails to Explore

Coal Bank Pass

  • Engineer Mountain Trail
  • Pass Creek Trail
  • Coal Creek Trail
  • Deer Creek Trail

Molas Pass

  • Colorado Trail
  • Engine Creek Trail

Lime Creek

  • Cascade Creek Trail
  • West Lime Creek