Mountain Biking

Durango's In-Town trails offer the nearest mountain biking to downtown without a long commute.

These trails offer something for everyone! Many of these are single track and, while it is easy to get miles into the backcountry on our vast trail system,

The In-Town trails offer a wide variety of trails from beginner to advance. Depending on where you end up mountain biking, you'll experience different viewpoints and terrain.

What to Know About the In-Town Trail Network

Here's what you should know about the In-Town mountain biking trails:

Easy to Access

The In-Town trails are easy to access from the heart of Durango. These trails are so close to town that most mountain bikers who ride these trails end up riding right from downtown!

What this means is that you don't have to commute miles and miles from Durango before you can get out there and shred some gnar!

The Terrain

When mountain biking on the In-Town trails, depending on where you go, you'll experience a different type of terrain. While it varies trail-to-trail, expect a little bit of dust if the weather has been dry and incredibly fun, tacky single-track after rainstorms.

Always check the trail conditions before heading out!

The In-Town trails are very well maintained and will be mostly clear of fallen trees, large rocks, and roots.

Great Access to Downtown

If riding these trails, you'll be close to downtown shops and restaurants on Main Avenue- perfect for an after-mountain biking burger and beer! Most hotels and motels in downtown Durango also offer bike storage and are bike-friendly.

Mountain Biking Areas and Trails to Explore

If you're ready to go riding, we recommend checking out these specific areas and trails as part of the In-Town mountain biking trail network:

Horse Gulch

  • Meadow Loop
  • Old Car Loop
  • Sidewinder

Grandview Ridge and Spurline Trails

  • Water Tank West and East
  • Big Canyon
  • South Rim

Overend Mountain Park

  • Grabens Loop
  • Star Wars
  • Hogsfoot

Twin Buttes Trail System

  • Cliffrock Loop
  • Lightner Creek Trail
  • Upper Twin Buttes

Animas Mountain and Dalla Mountain Park

  • Jacobs Cliff
  • East Animas Mountain
  • Sailing Hawks